For Teddy Roosevelt and Churchill Fans, Watch this McCain Ad


Good ad actually — and although it’s pre-Palin, I liked it and think it should go up.
My problem is that I think the world needs a Dean Acheson today, not a Churchill.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “For Teddy Roosevelt and Churchill Fans, Watch this McCain Ad

  1. Trip says:

    omigod, but don’t you see the girl in the flowers? TWO of them?
    DUH. Not-so-subconscious invocation of the most infamous
    political ad in modern history.


  2. Curious observer says:

    It gets worse. One of McCain’s childhood heroes was Napoleon. It’s not hard to picture him with his hand on the inside of his suit jacket, is it?
    And no, the last thing we need right now is a Dean Acheson. No more architects of a national security state. We desperately, urgently need a George Kennan. A half-dozen of ’em, in fact.


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Churchill worked for BP to secure oil lease rights to either side of Tikrit that would be shipped out on a railroad from neighboring Turkey.
    He was convinced only a fool would try to set up a western style gov’t in Iraq. Winston learned from the experience of losing a war there as the UK tried to impose its regime plans on Iraq after the Ottoman breakup, between world wars. They did manage to slice Kuwait off of them though.
    Teddy Roosevelt left the GOP and ran against them as a Bull Moose trustbuster.


  4. WigWag says:

    The Republican Party’s hero worship for Winston Churchill is ridiculous. No one is taking anything away from Churchill’s service as Prime Minister during World War II. But the fact is that Churchill was a racist and a bigot who fought and wrote about Great Britain’s imperial wars. Churchill is also responsible for the mass deportation of millions of Europeans after World War II ended. Despite the hardship and death that ensued for millions, Churchill proclaimed how proud he was of behavior, that if committed today, would surely be called war crimes.
    The thesis of Pat Buchanan’s new book, “Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World” is that in part, Churchill’s stupidity, avarice and military adventurism led to World War II and all the horrors that accompanied it.
    While the thesis may or may not be right, the book is provocative and well researched. It shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand just because Buchanan wrote it.
    There’s alot in the book that Ron Paul conservative Republicans and Washington Note progressive Democrats will like. Buchanan mentions that George Bush hung a portrait of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office shortly after he was elected. He compares mistakes made by Bush that resulted in the Iraq imbroglio with mistakes made by Churchill that eventually led (according to Buchanan) to World War II.
    McCain’s worship of Churchill is just one more reason to be very suspicious of him.
    As for Teddy Roosevelt; he may have been the first American conservationist, but he took American imperialism to new heights.
    McCain’s celebration of these two figures presages bad things to come.


  5. mediacritic says:

    I don’t think it’s wise for Team McCain to remind us that he’s the same vintage as Winston Churchill.


  6. JohnH says:

    This takes “ready, FIRE, aim” to a whole new level: “FIRE, aim, ready.” Fighting for the sake of fighting.
    What are we fighting for exactly?
    If he said, “to restore the Bill of Rights,” then I might buy it.


  7. ringrid says:

    Old unclear video, old fuzzy audio. This ad is for history buffs, focused on the past. Not wide appeal–Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt are heroes of senior set and beyond. Too long, lacks punch; needs to theme what McCain will do as President to make our future better. Scrap the ad.


  8. questions says:

    IMHO, too long, unfocused, what are we FIGHTING, the b&w war images are all about anxiety, the little girl in color is all about anxiety and protection. A high fear/high anxiety world and JMcC is the answer?
    At some point, I have to ask, what really are we fighting and why aren’t we negotiating, signing treaties, doing the diplomacy shuffle — of course, you already said this Steve, but I’ll say it too!
    Does McCain ever MAKE/BUILD/DO anything/ Or does he just fight?


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