Does R.M. Williams Make Flippers?


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She may not need them as Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice pulled off the gold for the 400 meter IM swimming Olympic championships.
As part of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hang out with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the Willard Hotel. He’s very cool. I asked him what he talked about with President Bush earlier in the day.
He said a few things — but what was most memorable is that Rudd told me that Bush coveted Kevin Rudd’s boots — which were R.M. Williams boots.
Other Australians on hand told me that they were tough to adjust to — but Kevin’s were custom made. Next trip to Australia, I hope to get some — size 14 U.S. size.
But it was a memorable moment. Rudd also talked climate change, China, and Iraq with Bush — but the R.M. Williams boots took top billing.
Stephanie Rice won an impressive race, and a far away American thinks R.M. Williams should give her some flippers and an endorsement contract.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Does R.M. Williams Make Flippers?

  1. David says:

    A Driza-Bone jacket goes well with the boots.


  2. Phil K. says:

    RM Williams actually has one store in the US:
    46 East 59th Street
    ph: 1 212 308 1808
    fax: 1 212 832 0237
    So you can try them on if you’re in that area. The one’s you’ll
    want are called “Craftsman”, the most classic looking boot.
    Sizing isn’t all that strange on that model, runs a bit small, but
    the leather is so fantastic that it’ll stretch (with lace-less
    footwear, you probably want them a little snug at first anyway)
    The trickiest part in getting the right size is to decipher
    Australian widths:
    RMW widths are:
    C=extra extra narrow
    D=extra narrow
    the best place to buy them online is called Nugar I believe, try a
    (I have no relation to this site, other than having bought lotsa
    boots in my day)


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