BREAKING: Darrel Thompson Jumps Off Burris Ship


ROLAND BURRIS.JPGActing Chief of Staff to Senator Roland Burris, Darrel Thompson, has resigned his position, according to senior staffers in the US Senate.
Darrel Thompson, a former Senior Adviser to Senator Harry Reid, had been dispatched by Senator Reid to assist incoming Senator Burris in helping to fill senior staff positions in the office, develop a legislative strategy for the Senator’s policy priorities, and build out constituent services.
Darrel Thompson has just released this statement:

Three weeks ago I was temporarily detailed to serve as Chief of Staff to Senator Roland W. Burris. Though my tenure was relatively brief, I enjoyed and valued my time with Senator Burris, his entire staff and his other advisors.
As of today, my role as Interim Chief of Staff to Senator Burris will end. I will resume, in full, my duties as Senior Advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
I wish Senator Burris and his family the best.
Darrel Thompson

More soon.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “BREAKING: Darrel Thompson Jumps Off Burris Ship

  1. Glenn says:

    Burris and Blogo demand too much attention.


  2. Robert M says:

    Reid has Lierman to deal w/ and he pulls away support from a Democratic vote. Hmmm whom should resign Reid or Burris from their respective positions?


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Amazing, isn’t it, that Burris and Blogo demand so much attention, while known perjurers like Rice, Gonzales, Rove, etc. toast their own invulnerability to the rule of law.
    This fuckin’ Reid oughta be drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered, and frog-marched out of Washington. His alliance is to politics, and not to constituency, representative government, or the law.


  4. alan says:

    Ah: the Beltway and Chicago journalists: indignant because Burris outwitted them and became a Senator. If Craig can hang on for dear life Burris can, until he is actually charged with an offence. I take much of Chicago’s indignation with a large pinch of salt. Will the pure Chicago pol raise his/her hand??? Last I heard you could clean up the Senate and legislature easily if you held them up to the high standard expected of Burris.


  5. JohnH says:

    I agree with Cee. Something smells like the Potomac. Having Darrel Thompson sent by his “dear leader” to help Burris “develop a legislative strategy for the Senator’s policy priorities” looks an awful lot like enforcing the DSCC’s “wisdom” onto a newcomer. This elite insider club called “elected representatives” continues to demonstrate why they poll so badly–they have their own private agenda and don’t give a damn about anything or anybody outside of its narrow vision.
    Fortunately, Obama seems to want viewpoints outside the Washington boilerplate: his appointment of Chas Freeman to Chairman of the National Intelligence Council indicates that Obama wants no bull, no blather from the intelligence community. My God! A President who wants real intelligence! Will the foreign policy mob survive it? (Let’s hope not!)


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