Getting Economic Growth: Forgive or Restructure Debt American Citizens Hold


Restructuring Private Debt May Be Better Option than Austerity or More Stimulusby Steve Clemons and Richard Vague In the Spring of 2011, the Obama administration started to rev up a campaign called “The Summer of Recovery” and planned to deploy the President, VP Joe Biden, and the economically connected Cabinet members and advisers to go to all parts of the country, particularly battleground states, and convince Americans that things were getting better, that jobs were being created, and that the…

No, Biden Never Apologized to Obama for Getting Out Ahead on Gay Marriage


Official White House Photo/Pete Souza Vice President Joe Biden never apologized to President Obama for getting a “bit over his skis” in endorsing gay marriage before the president did — and according to very senior White House sources, Obama didn’t ask for or want an apology from Biden. But google “Joe Biden”, “apology”, and “gay”. On May 10, 2012 the official White House position — as fed to the media — was that Joe Biden apologized to the president. What…

Happy Independence Day!! (two days late)



A few months ago, I was a guest (a plus one of someone invited) at an impressive evening thrown by the Washington National Opera to thank key board members, volunteers and significant donors.  The dinner was held in the room pf the National Archives that holds original copies of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  As I sipped my red wine, the guards in front of the nation’s founding documents glared a bit. This…