<em>Guest Post</em>: Liberal Internationalism’s Death — Untimely or Unlikely?



Andrew Lebovich is a research intern with the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program. Is Liberal Internationalism dead? Professors Charles Kupchan and Peter Trubowitz certainly seem to suggest as much in a thoughtful paper published last year. Keeping in step with the ongoing Mahbubani/Ikenberry/Slaughter debate held here at The Washington Note, the authors postulate that changing domestic and external circumstances have brought about a fundamental change in the international system. These changes have rendered an American-led liberal internationalist order —…

Obama’s Economic Soul?



(photo credit: Patrick Andrade/New York Times) Jason Furman, Director of the Brookings Institution Hamilton Project, has just announced that he is joining University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee as part of Barack Obama’s (paid) economic policy team. This is really interesting news given the tug and pull over economic policy that has taken place already inside the Obama camp. There are exceptions in their broad policy profiles and work, but essentially, both Goolsbee and Jason Furman are serious economists who…

Obama’s Happy Campaign



This has probably been reported elsewhere, but I was heartened somewhat over the weekend by some things I had heard about Obama’s approach to the beginning of his own campaign. Someone close to the presumptive Democratic nominee said that early in the process, Obama spoke to key stakeholders in his national campaign effort for the presidency (paraphrasing): We have decided to take this campaign forward. The chances of us winning are low, but we might be able to pull it…

Thomas Fingar on National Intelligence Estimate Process



Yesterday, I presided when the incumbent Chairman of the National Intelligence Council and Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis Thomas Fingar spoke about the National Intelligence Estimate production process. This is really worth watching — not only to learn about the framework, process, and analytic standards of NIE production but to learn about his views about the flawed Iraq WMD NIE and the 2007 Iran NIE of which he was lead author. Among many things that were interesting to…

Asking and Telling Sam Nunn



“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a compromise forced on Bill Clinton’s presidency by a recalcitrant, (then) anti-gay Sam Nunn who stopped Clinton’s plans to end discrimination against homosexual men and women serving in the U.S. military. In fact, while Senator Nunn was still in the Senate, he fired two staff members when it came to light that these individuals were gay. Now, Senator Nunn is recommending a “review” of the policy he helped fashion fifteen years ago, but he is…

Election Watch for Europeans?



The German Marshall Fund has a nifty new website designed to create a portal for Europeans interested in the American elections and policy issues, particularly foreign policy. I like the site — and am pleased that a couple of TWN items have already been featured on the site’s roster. But it’s a good site for everyone I think — like Japanese, Saudis, Turks, and even some Americans who want a packaged collection of material and data. This is good for…




Today, on this same screen below, I will be posting live stream sessions with former Iraq Foreign Minister and liberal secularist chief of the Iraq Democratic Party ADNAN PACHACHI. This will air between 9:30 am and 10:30 am EST. Then between 12:00 pm and 1:45 pm EST today, I will be airing a live presentation from and conversation with National Intelligence Council Chairman and Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis THOMAS FINGAR. Fingar will be addressing how a National…

Now It Begins



Barack Obama has clinched the nomination. Watching his speech now. He’s being gracious to those rivals who he beat, particularly Hillary Clinton. Good show. That is maturity. I haven’t heard or seen Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight — but the blog buzz is reverberating with an echo that hers was less gracious. Obama is right to step higher and credit her as he did. Now the real race begins, and McCain is salivating at getting back in the headlines. Wow. Obama…

Iran’s Impressive Ravand Institute Conference



Unfortunately, I did not receive a visa in time to participate as a speaker in the 3rd Annual Ravand Institute Conference in Tehran this year. I was invited along with Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings Institution, Michael Kraig of the Stanley Foundation, and Robert Malley of the International Crisis Group. Up until the very last minute, we thought the Iranian Government might issue the visas that the Ravand Institute for Economic and International Studies had requested. But given how the…