The UN Foundation’s 10th



Tonight, I’m going to a big bash celebrating the UN Foundation’s 10th Anniversary at the brand spanking new Newseum. Ted Turner chairs, Tim Wirth and Kathy Calvin run it, and John Bolton complains. (sort of like that old adage: Washington reigned, Hamilton ruled, and Jefferson complained. . .) Tonight, they will be honoring Kofi Annan….

True Friends of Israel?



Michael Desch in an oped today suggests that during election season, everyone wants to be a true friend of Israel which they incorrectly think means tilting substantially one direction in Israel’s ongoing struggle for security and acceptance within a very tough neighborhood.

John McCain’s Strategy



Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager, sent out this link today to a McCain strategy briefing. It’s fascinating as Davis recognizes the terrible political environment (for Republicans) they have to operate in. He also recognizes that the economy and the war in Iraq are the two biggest issues in the campaign.

Another Take on Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Agenda



Congressman Markey is known to be one of the leading policy wonks in the US House of Representatives. His reputation for employing one of the largest numbers of PhD’s per capita on staff speaks to his interest in plumbing the intellectual depths of US policymaking, particularly US national security and nuclear policy.