Chris Hill BEATS John Bolton: Bush Declares New Track for US-North Korea Relations



What I reported two days ago about the White House asking Congress to remove North Korea from the State Sponsors of Terror list was confirmed a few moments ago by President Bush. In a Rose Garden statement, President Bush also suspended sanctions on North Korea that are tied to the “Trading with Enemies Act”.

Five Important Minutes with Russ Feingold on FISA and Imperial Powers of the Presidency



The “Media Consortium” via correspondent and former New America Foundation research associate Brian Beutler posted this short clip of three questions posed to Senator Russ Feingold during his recent talk before the New America Foundation.

The <strike>Enthusiasm</strike> SIZZLE Gap



On June 11th, I posted a link to a videologue of McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis walking through Senator McCain’s strategy with the public. Today, the Obama team has released a set of powerpoints that campaign manager David Plouffe used in a “strategy” discussion with the media. I’ve attached the pdf file here.

Leo Hindery, Tom Gallagher and Steve Clemons on the Gut-Punched American Middle Class



Today at 12:15 pm EST, I’ll be having a discussion with former John Edwards campaign Senior Economic Policy Adviser Leo Hindery and ISI Group financial markets expert Tom Gallagher. We will be discussing high oil prices, declining home values, and what all of this means for the American middle class.

BREAKING: Bush Administration to Ask Congress on Thursday to REMOVE North Korea from TERROR WATCH LIST



(Asst. Secretary of State for East Asia Christopher Hill) Tonight, The Washington Note confirmed that the Bush administration will “ask Congress” to de-list North Korea from America’s “terrorist watch list.” This request will be made on Thursday — if there are no last minute, unexpected interventions.

<em>Guest Post</em>: The Squeeze in Middle America



Sam Sherraden is a Program Associate with the New America Foundation’s Economic Growth Program and writes for Global Economic Snapshot. As my cab approached Dulles Airport last week from my Washington home 45 minutes away, I looked up and was astonished to see the meter at only 45 dollars.