Obama Has Done Europe as Youth



From Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance: I’d been feeling this way all through my stay in Europe. . . For three weeks I had traveled alone, down one side of the continent and up the other, by bus and train mostly, guidebook in hand. (page 301) Obama relates experience he had in Europe on pages 301-304 of this book. To be fair to Obama’s Senate and Campaign team, I asked them for a record of…

Bill Richardson: Superman!?



I’ve always respected Bill Richardson‘s diverse public service background and his ability to work out deals with global thugs. But just truth in advertising, I’ve not been supportive of his ambitions to get the keys to the White House. I would like to see him serve in a senior position in the next government, however. He would add great value. Yesterday, his comments that the U.S. should simply push Musharraf out of Pakistan’s presidency in the wake of the Bhutto…

Were Musharraf and Bhutto Secretly Arranging a Detente?



Harlan Ullman is a defense strategist best known as the conceptual architect of the “shock and awe” military strategy. He is also a strident critic of the Bush administration. And he was one of Benazir Bhutto’s closest friends and advisers in Washington. I can’t share the essay he has written for the Washington Times and which will run next week, but I can say that he has a tidbit in his tribute to Bhutto and commentary on the implications of…

Obama’s Days



Obama — and perhaps all of the presidential candidates — have been maintaining an incredible speaking and travel schedule. Yesterday, Obama started his first program at 9:45 am and finished at 10 pm. He spoke in five cities — and traveled an accumulated 185 miles. Yesterday, he visited: Williamsburg, IA – Coralville, IA – Clinton, IA – Davenport, IA – Muscatine, IA Today, his program started with a drive from Muscatine to Burlington when he began sharing his views at…

Did al Qaeda Do It?



One of the best al Qaeda watchers, Paul Cruickshank, thinks the Bhutto assassination has all the markings of al Qaeda. The Pakistan government has now accused al Qaeda of the crime. But others are noting that many in Pakistan — even in government circles — wanted Bhutto done away with. Some officials have told me that there even exists the possibility that Musharraf himself might have known nothing — but that other elders in the intelligence and military establishment could…

Where the Bloomberg-Hagel Scenario Might Fit In



I have just had an interesting discussion with someone close to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This person says that Bloomberg isn’t giving away anything regarding whether he might run for the presidency — or whether he’ll pour into concrete his non-denial denials. But speculating, my friend thinks Bloomberg is definitely intrigued by a third party run and knows he can get on the ballot in nearly all of the states. The structural aspects of America’s two party system still…

Weather Impacts Iowa Caucusing



It’s snowing quite a bit here in eastern Iowa today, a not all that unremarkable fact this time of year, except. . .imagine that you are an operative for a presidential campaign in its final days with the race neck and neck, and your job for the day is to make sure that your candidate, the entourage, and the press scrum manage to hit 5 or 6 or 7 events spread out over half the state between dawn and dusk….

Open Note to the Presidential Candidates on What Leadership Might Look Like



If this is a time of policy and not politics — prove it. Work together. Pakistan is in confusion about its future — and whether we want to admit it or not — America has real stakes in the course Pakistan takes and very, very few options in affecting that course. So far, most of the candidates have been beating each other up over what they would do if in the White House and confronted with something as shocking and…

Did Biden, Dodd and Edwards Kill Bhutto Too?



Obama Campaign Chief Political Strategist David Axelrod What the hell is Obama chief political strategist David Axelrod doing? Nearly all of the major papers and a good slug of blogs have noted with some surprise his comment that Hillary Clinton bore some responsibility for Benazir Bhutto’s demise. When Obama has to backpedal for his team, something is up. Axelrod’s basic point is that Hillary Clinton’s vote on the Iraq War Resolution motivated George W. Bush to withdraw troops from Afghanistan…