John Edwards Lowers Nevada’s Status; Gets Warning From Harry Reid



Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) just shot a cannon blast across the bow of John Edwards’ presidential campaign. After release of the news that John Edwards would be lowering Nevada’s place on his political priority roster and moving personnel out of the state, Reid said: “Any candidate who chooses to ignore Nevada and its rich diversity does so at their own peril.” Edwards’ campaign has responded that Nevada continues to be important in his “early state” strategy — focusing…

NOAA Planning Arctic Mapping Expedition



Hm. NOAA is undertaking a mission to map out areas to claim in the American extended continental shelf. Of course, unless the U.S. ratifies the Law of the Sea convention, the mission’s findings are absolutely worthless. Also, a note to AHN writers and editors, who first broke this story: to say that “A new Cold War is brewing in the Arctic Circle” distorts the fact that the Law of the Sea, which the other four “combatants” in this “war” have…

Update from Steve — Strategic Planning is Going Well



Steve just called in from Spectacle Lake via satellite phone to make sure readers have not abandoned TWN in his absence. He’s happy to report no run-ins with any bears thus far but is prepared to fend them off with his self-taught Davy Crockett maneuvers. Apparently the wilderness air does wonders for strategic planning. –Sameer Lalwani

Gaffney Plus Washington Times Equals Hilarity



I’m honestly not sure which is more hysterical: Frank Gaffney’s most recent Washington Times column, which argues that the Russians laid claim to the North Pole in a cunning gambit to corner the U.S. into ratifying the Law of the Sea convention; or the Times’ decision to print his ridiculous column even though it was published – verbatim – on another site the previous day. I’ve held my fire since reports first emerged of a Russian submarine symbolically planting a…

Beyond Arms Sales: Whither the US-Saudi Relationship?



The firestorm of controversy that ignited this week over the arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other gulf states opens up an important debate that needs to be thoroughly explored, yet the thrust of the discussion–typified by Bret Stephens fulminating this morning against supposed Saudi malevolent intentions in his column “A Kernel of Evil“–has largely sidestepped the more important question: What do we want our relationship with Saudi Arabia to look like? Unfortunately when it comes to Saudi Arabia, analysts,…

What’s Cooking With the Large Economies Summit on Climate Change



I hinted in a couple of posts last week that I attended an interesting meeting with a White House official last week to discuss the summit planned for this fall on climate change. The White House policy is changing for the better – it’s a long way from decent, but it will hopefully create room for others to lead. Here’s a quick download of my meeting: Background: During the G8, as the U.S. was feeling the heat for rejecting calls…

<em>Guest Post from Mark Goldberg:</em> The Daalder-Kagan Op-Ed



Sam Rosenfeld and Matt Yglesias (the duo that brought you The Incompetence Dodge) each make excellent points about today’s Ivo Daalder/Robert Kagan op-ed, which argues that the Security Council should no longer have the final say on authorizing armed intervention. Retorts Matt: “to survey the wreckage in Iraq, and conclude that despite the lessons seen there we can’t defer to the UN…on the grounds that the UN might sometimes say no is very weak tea.” And Sam makes the basic…

Leaving You Until Friday with Oakley & Annie



I’m about to head off with journalist Jim Lobe and another friend to commune with big mountains and tough hiking trails and plan strategy in the Cascades. I’m not used to this stuff and think I’ll look a bit like Oakley and Annie above — though they aren’t on this trip. Scott Paul, Sameer Lalwani, and Dave Meyer will govern the blog this next week. — Steve Clemons

John Edwards, Outsider



It would be no great feat of punditry to suggest that John Edwards is running as an outsider in this year’s campaign. Some thought that Edwards, who has held no office since the 2004 election, would struggle to stay relevant. Instead, he has used his absence from government to put the heat on those who still serve. It’s been good to have him in this position. Edwards has pushed his party to stand up to President Bush on Iraq. He’s…