Missile Mystery: Hezbollah’s Iranian Nur Missile with English Language Markings



An intelligence source of mine in Israel, subsequently confirmed by a Pentagon source has confirmed to TWN that the July 15th missile attack on an Israeli warship was an Iranian-made C802 Nur missile. This is actually not “new” news. The type of missile was reported the day after the attack. I had just not seen the missile type and confirmation by our intellligence services. This type of missile was originally designed and produced in China, but the technology was transferred…

MILITARY PROBE: Haditha Civilians Shot Deliberately



American soldiers shot civilians in Haditha deliberately, an investigative probe has just announced. This news should make America’s task in the Middle East easier. Not. This war is deflating America’s purpose. Senator Max Baucus’s nephew was killed on July 29th — and announced yesterday. Perhaps he can bring it home to others in the Senate and House that this just doesn’t feel like “spreading freedom” to use George W. Bush’s words. — Steve Clemons

Slate’s John Dickerson on the “Turki Dinner”



Slate‘s John Dickerson has published an article, “Turki Dinner: A Revealing Evening with the Saudi Ambassador” that explores both the substance and nuances of Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal’s comments at a dinner I helped organize on Monday evening. In his piece, Dickerson writes: The Bush administration has been faulted for not acting quickly enough after the recent violence started, but Prince Turki criticized Bush for not acting to solve the tension long before the recent flare…

Remarks by Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal on Middle East Crisis



(Steven Clemons and Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal) A Saudi Perspective on the Middle East Crisis and America’s Stakes in the Region a salon dinner presentation by HRH Prince Turki-Al Faisal, Saudi Ambassador to the United States New America Foundation/American Strategy Program Session Chairman: Steven Clemons Monday, 31 July 2006 Restaurant Nora, Washington DC Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I appreciate the generosity of the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program and to Steven Clemons for hosting…

Prince Turki Says to US: Return to King Abdullah’s Israel Peace Plan



Carol Giacomo of Reuters has a piece up on the dinner I organized with Prince Turki Al-Faisal, Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Her take on the Ambassador’s talk captures the flavor of an important evening. The bottom line to Prince Turki’s talk is that at the core of many of the problems in the Middle East is the Israel-Arab conflict, and America must re-engage and move expeditiously to solve this problem. If America fails to do so, the governments in…