Bipartisan Foreign Policy Type? One of the Frustrated Many?



Christopher Preble, Director of Defense Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, just published this on the Partnership for a Secure America’s blog. Preble and I are two of the three executive committee members of the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy. Chris Preble has organized a good forum at an awful time — 8 a.m….

America Plays Poker While Iran Plays Chess



UPI Editor Emeritus Martin Walker has put out a useful essay on a Royal Institute of International Affairs report on Iran and the U.S. The Chatham House/RIIA report can be downloaded as a pdf here. I love the line about American poker players and Iran’s chess strategy.

Middle East Realities Discussion Today — Live on C-Span 2



Today at 12:15 p.m., I will be charing a session with RAND’s International Security and Defence Policy Center Director James Dobbins and my new colleague Daniel Levy, who has just joined as a Senior Fellow of the New America Foundation and is Director of NAF’s Middle East Policy Initiative.

The President’s Elliott Abrams Problem: Bush Should Consult Flynt Leverett Immediately



My colleague Flynt Leverett has just published a superb American Prospect article that I discuss below — but its sensibleness compels me to start with concerns about the President’s key advisor on the Middle East, Elliott Abrams. Few would question that Elliott Abrams is a brilliant guy.

Japan’s Right-Wingers Out of Control



(Japan’s Prime Minister INUKAI Tsuyoshi who was assassinated in May 1932 in his official residence by a group of right-wing militarists who opposed Inukai’s recognition of Chinese sovereignty over Manchuria and who was a staunch defender of parliamentary democracy in Japan) Japan is making its way back as a topic of interest on the nation’s…

Bush/Clinton Administration Strategist and Envoy James Dobbins on Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Israel/Palestine



For those in the DC area, I am hosting a brown bag lunch meeting on America’s Foreign Policy Challenges in the Middle East on Thursday, 24 August, at 12:15 p.m. with Ambassador James Dobbins who directs RAND Corporation’s International Security and Defense Policy Center.