John Bolton: Setting Up the Lebanon-Deployed UN Force for Failure



John Bolton spent four months and made approximately 70 journalist and editorialist calls setting low expectations for the embryonic UN Human Rights Council. Had he spent nearly this amount of effort working to actually secure a Human Rights Council that met American expectations, we would probably have succeeded far beyond expectations.

Dems Should Really, Really, Really Want to Run Against George Allen



Of all the Democratic presidential candidates for 2008 now in the field, the one that Republican strategists most want is Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t mean that she is an easy win for them and doesn’t mean that she won’t clobber her challenger — but the Rove-minions want her.

Beating Terrorism: It’s the Grievances, Stupid



First of all, as Jeffrey Gedmin is frequently known to say, “I’m overstating for effect.” I am going to debate some points that Gedmin raises in an interesting op-ed in today’s Financial Times, and I — in no way — mean to assert that Gedmin is stupid.

Launching <em>Le Cercle Lafayette</em>



Completely independently of my recent post acknowledging France’s diplomatic maneuvers in securing UN Resolution 1701 calling for an end to the violence between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, I have agreed to help organize a new U.S.-France group of public affairs and policy intellectuals called Le Cercle Lafayette.

Olmert to Rein In Military Operations and Pull Back



I just had a call from Jerusalem and have been informed by a senior source inside the Israeli government that Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will abide by the terms of the UN Resolution which has support of all the key members of the UN Security Council.