Internatonal Women’s Commission and Palestine/Israel Negotiations



A quick note on schedule. This morning, I am hosting a delegation of the International Women’s Commission comprised of Israel, Palestinian and international women calling for final status negotiations between Israel and Palestine as opposed to the imposition of a unilaterally decided border. This Commission issued a release last night, and I know that I’m their first meeting today as I’m arranging the bagels. I think that what they are doing is important and will offer more reactions later, but…

John Aravosis – Wesley Clark Phone Record Ploy Gets Action



This is very cool. Last January, John Aravosis of AmericaBlog went out and bought General Wesley Clark’s phone records for $89.95. When I had Wesley Clark speak for the New America Foundation’s “Real State of the Union” conference in February, I was tempted to ask him if had purchased John Aravosis’s records just to even the score. But what Aravosis was doing was making a profound statement about the fiction of digital privacy and essentially called for an end to…

Fuzzy Strategy on Iran: America’s Threat Credentials Doubted



America and the Europeans have co-drafted a UN Security Council Resolution with some teeth and have written into the resolution the trigger for economic sanctions against Iran if it fails to cease its nuclear program. This is serious. Previously, all John Bolton and Nick Burns had been able to push out of the Security Council was a declaration, which was not binding. On the military front, Sy Hersh’s sources tell him that we are planning for an invasive hot strike…

Iran and America’s Dangerous Brinkmanship



Last night, I sat next to a former foreign minister of a major nation at a small dinner and discussion which focused heavily on Iran and Middle East issues. This foreign minister stated that Iran’s Supreme Religious Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believed that western democracies would not tolerate $140 a barrel for oil — and that would be the probable price level if Iran was attacked. This belief combined with Iran’s perception of American weakness right now is driving much…