<em>TWN</em> Travels to Mexico City



I will be getting into Mexico City late tonight and am returning to Washington on Saturday. I do have TWN readers in Mexico — quite a number of them — but don’t know where they are located. So email me if interested in a blog politics coffee session either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Richard Armitage: Deputy Secretary Becomes Knight and Oil Man



Richard Armitage co-chaired with former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown my very first Council on Foreign Relations study group when I moved to Washington in the mid-1990s. He’s an interesting man — tied deeply into Japan affairs. But truth in advertising — Armitage and I have very different views of Japan’s path to normal nationhood….

European Complicity on Secret CIA Detention Camps and Rendition Flights? Meeting Today with Cem Oezdemir



(European Parliament Member Cem Oezdemir) Recently, I wrote about an important interim report that was issued by a Temporary Committee of the European Parliament investigating the complicity of European governments in illegally collaborating and cooperating with the CIA on secret enemy combatant detention centers and clandestine rendition-related flight traffic.

A Happy “Europe Day” to You and Yours



On May 9, 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman suggested the banding together and rationalization of Western European coal and steel production. This was the spark of the incremental intertwining of sovereignty, currencies, and aspiration into what is now the European Union. The 9th of May is now memorialized as “Europe Day“.

Misreading Michael Hayden’s Role in the Intelligence Bureaucracy Wars: Negroponte Wants Hayden to Battle with — Not Help — Rumsfeld



(President George W. Bush and Lt. General Michael Hayden) The crack team that puts out the American Progress Action Fund’s “Progress Report” has its Mike Hayden review out, and its predictably critical. But they get the Michael Hayden picture half-wrong.

Creative Diplomatic Move by Iran: Direct Talks or Bust



Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is pulling a slick and interesting move in US-Iran diplomacy by sending President Bush the first letter from an Iranian President to a U.S. President in 27 years. This is clever. The Europeans have been our interlocutors with Iran, but that hasn’t been enough.