Internatonal Women’s Commission and Palestine/Israel Negotiations


A quick note on schedule. This morning, I am hosting a delegation of the International Women’s Commission comprised of Israel, Palestinian and international women calling for final status negotiations between Israel and Palestine as opposed to the imposition of a unilaterally decided border.
This Commission issued a release last night, and I know that I’m their first meeting today as I’m arranging the bagels.
I think that what they are doing is important and will offer more reactions later, but here is the press release.
Later today, I am rushing off to Lisbon, Portugal to drive out to a retreat at the Arrabida Monastery.
The theme of discussion for the weekend are the growing, overlapping arcs of instability and crisis on the Eurasian continent.
Participants include European Parliament Member Cem Oezdemir, Georgetown University Professor and Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Charles Kupchan, Geneva Initiative co-drafter Daniel Levy, Acusis CEO Bill Benter, Peace & Security Initiative Director Deepti Choubey, Brookings Senior Fellow Flynt Leverett, International Policy Director in the Palestinian President’s Office Ghaith Al-Omari (still tentative), Princeton professor G. John Ikenberry, UPI Editor Emeritus Martin Walker, New America Foundation Fellow and fast-rising terrorism journalist Nir Rosen, World Policy Institute Senior Fellow Sherle Schwenninger, Al Hayat Diplomatic Correspondent Raghida Dergham, University of Chicago professor and author Robert Pape, Middle East Policy Institute fellow Trita Parsi, former Senator Gary Hart, IPRI-Lisbon scholar Carlos Gaspar, and others.
I will try to report from Lisbon about the general focus of these discussions.
— Steve Clemons