Richard Clarke on What Can be Done in Four Years



The Washington Post‘s Walter Pincus joined us yesterday for a lunch that the American Strategy Program of the New America Foundation hosted with Richard Clarke and wrote this article which appears today. Clarke made some excellent points — but among those not covered in the Pincus article was that “four years is a long time.” Clarke said: As we approach the 4th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we need to take stock of what we have done that has worked,…

Katrina and an Overstretched Military: The Perfect Storm. . .



Sorry for being AWOL the last few days. I have been deep in conference-planning messiness and am only now able to surface. In between calls, I have been following the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. The National Guard has been called out in New Orleans — and I would imagine in Mississippi and Alabama. But do we have much of a National Guard left? It is these kinds of horrific disasters that the National Guard has been trained to respond…

Latest Terrorism Conference Agenda Just Released



This conference agenda keeps evolving, but TWN readers get the first web-look at the agenda for the conference I am directing, Terrorism, Security and America’s Purpose: Towards a More Comprehensive Strategy. I think that there are probably speakers in this that will both please and tick off just about everyone. To register for the meeting, go to this website and fill in the on-line forms. As far as broadcasting the meeting, people around the U.S. and the world can watch…

The Dark Side of John Bolton is Back. . .



I am guest-blogging this week at Talking Points Memo — and just posted this piece on John Bolton. My comments refer to an important document was leaked to me this morning — and also to Arianna Huffington it seems. The document linked at TPM provides Bolton’s suggested revisions to the Millennium Summit document in September. I think Bolton is already slipping out of his leash. — Steve Clemons

64th Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to Speak at “Next Phase” Terrorism Conference



Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has confirmed her role as a major speaker at the upcoming September 6-7 Conference on America’s “Next Phase” Response to Terrorism. I can’t report just yet the format of her session because it is going to be a bit different than the typical stand-up oratory — and will be, I think, a fascinating format. Secretary Albright has important things to say about America’s response to terrorism, and she is interested in reading and listening…

James Steinberg, Francis Fukuyama, and Representative Jane Harman Join Roster of Terrorism Conference Speakers



James Steinberg, who currently serves as Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Programs at Brookings, is heading to Austin to serve as the next Dean of the LBJ School at UT Austin. Steinberg also served as Bill Clinton’s Deputy National Security Advisor and co-wrote a piece with Michael O’Hanlon well more than a year ago in the Washington Post arguing that the “American brand” had become so sullied in our Iraq operation that we lacked the moral standing to…