James Steinberg, Francis Fukuyama, and Representative Jane Harman Join Roster of Terrorism Conference Speakers


James Steinberg, who currently serves as Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Programs at Brookings, is heading to Austin to serve as the next Dean of the LBJ School at UT Austin.
Steinberg also served as Bill Clinton’s Deputy National Security Advisor and co-wrote a piece with Michael O’Hanlon well more than a year ago in the Washington Post arguing that the “American brand” had become so sullied in our Iraq operation that we lacked the moral standing to achieve our objectives there. He argued that staying in Iraq in those circumstances made no sense and that an alternate plan was needed. His brave article anticipated the debate breaking out now about U.S. operations in Iraq.
Francis Fukuyama, who now heads the “international development” programs at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins Univeristy, ranks on most serious lists as one of the top public intellectuals in the world. Most recently he has written an important book about the importance of state-building capacity and structuring the U.S. government to better anticipate and manage post-conflict situations as we have today in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Fukuyama is also the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the newly-launching American Interest journal
Representative Jane Harman is Ranking Member of the Select Permanent Committee on Intelligence in the U.S. House of Representatives and has been making major news assailing the management of America’s most secret secrets — and questioning how American interests can better be served by the intelligence establishment.
She is deeply informed on matters relating to America’s national security posture towards the challenge of terrorism.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons