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Thumbnail image for hagel.jpgGordon Shaw of Lincoln, Nebraska writes to the editors of the Journal Star:

As I look over the leading candidates for president of the United States, I and many I have talked with have the common reaction: “none of the above.”

After a long look for a quality write-in candidate who can inspire engagement in the political process, Chuck Hagel came to mind.

With Chuck’s Republican roots yet independent bold character, an internationalist’s vision, solid financial discipline and experience, we have the man the nation can rally around and gather a winning write-in campaign. He is the sensible alternative to what the major political parties have presented as the best they have to offer.

I challenge this nation to do better — say none of the above and mount a winning national write-in campaign with Hagel as the sensible alternative.

I know that Senator Hagel who now co-chairs the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board won’t run for President — but while my powder is still dry in this next election, I like the idea of people writing him in.

Writing in Hagel’s name would be like a petition for a smart national security policy that doesn’t make false choices between Israel and the Arab Middle East, that understands that competition with China needs to be organized constructively around each other’s core strategic ambitions and interests, that Russia can’t be shrugged off, that the United States needs a coherent national energy policy, that engaging in numerous wars around the world without paying for them is not a recipe for national strength but rather for security disasters.

Hagel won’t run — but supporting his brand of politics is an important market signal for President Obama to see and hear.

— Steve Clemons


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