Something weird just happened.
I received the first formal “opening statement” of John Bolton just before the hearings began and quickly read it.
I highlighted in my last post what I saw as the most shocking part of his statement and reported it. This section dealt with Bolton’s comments about the “moral equivalence” or not of deaths on the Israeli side vs. the Lebanese side of the current conflict.
After John Bolton began reading his formal statement, we received an “updated” Bolton statement.
The section I highlighted was excised.
Here is what John Bolton was going to say originally — and which disappeared from his script:

But it is a mistake to ascribe a moral equivalence to civilians who die as the direct resulte of malicious terrorist acts, the very purpose of which are to kill civilians, and the tragic and unfortunate consequence of civilian deaths as a result of military action taken in self-defense.”

So, which is it?
Does John Bolton believe this or not?
— Steve Clemons


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