While On the Way to India


A lot of folks sent their good wishes after the oral surgery I had a week ago. Many thanks to all of you. The pain proved to be pretty tough to shake — and thus I really couldn’t blog much the last few days. My apologies. Instead, I submersed myself in the evolving world of Facebook.
While I thought it was going to be something static and time-consuming like Friendster, Facebook is far more interesting. What’s most interesting is that lots of my journalist friends and IT friends are on Facebook. And then a ton of young people. My generation is largely absent — but it’s rather cool to find people like Nir Rosen, James Fallows, David Ignatius, Anya Schiffrin, David Baerwald, Esther Dyson, Helene Cooper, and Nancy Pelosi in the network. Fun — and it lessened the pain in my jaw.
A friend of mine who writes for a Spanish newspaper actually did an interview with me via Facebook messaging. Anyway. . .I’m not an I-phone guy yet but facebook has me hooked.
This evening, 5-7 pm, I’ll be moderating a chat between Ronald Reagan’s best friend in the Senate, Paul Laxalt, and former Senator Birch Bayh (D-IN). Laxalt (R-NV) was former Governor of Nevada as well as its Senator. Join us if you are in the neighborhood.
Then I’m rushing to the airport to catch a flight to Mumbai, India to participate in the A.T. Kearney-Wharton India CEO Forum at the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace & Towers. Local Mumbai blog readers drop me a line at steve@thewashingtonnote.com and we can set a time to meet at the hotel. Georgetown’s international telecom policy guru, J.P. Singh, reads the blog and is already setting up some fun meetings to benefit TWN.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “While On the Way to India

  1. Marcia says:

    I hope your jaw allows you to eat because the Taj has some of the most heavenly food in India and the buffets are exceptional among all the other restaurants. It would be a shame to miss tasting.
    Then when you step outside to the “Door to India” there is the other India.


  2. Johnh says:

    Lucky you’re not going to Delhi. It sounds just like Washington, DC–thousands of violent monkeys roaming the streets.
    “The danger posed by the estimated 10,000 monkeys that roam the city was brought home sharply on Sunday when deputy mayor S.S. Bajwa, 52, died after falling from his apartment while fighting a horde of wild simians.”
    Only here we call them the political establishment…


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