What Is Happening to the TWN Website??!


I have had hundreds of emails asking what was wrong with The Washington Note website. It hasn’t been loading properly. Some people get blank pages, partial pages, or notes that the site has been suspended and referring to “accounts payable.”
Let me assure everyone that there are no billing problems, but it does seem that my site has outgrown the resources and environment of a very generous host who has helped me build TWNthese last couple of years.
I do not know what has been wrong, and my host who manages the site has not been reachable for reasons I don’t understand. We have suspicions that my site has been hitting against some kind of bandwidth limitation in addition to having been the target of a serious spam attack, and has just been growing in terms of readership. There have been spikes in TWN readership that apparently overwhelmed the host server.
In any case, the site will be moving shortly. I apologize to everyone who checks in for the inconvenience involved. I’m just as frustrated — well more actually.
I’m writing this from Muscat, Oman now where I am speaking this morning at a conference on “The Challenges of Gulf Security” co-organized by the Stanley Foundation and the Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis.
But in between sessions, I am working on getting this web hosting matter resolved.
Thanks again —
Steve Clemons


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