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I’m halfway through a report on disaster management and peacebuilding by Michael Renner and my good friend Zoe Chafe at the Worldwatch Institute.
The frequency of disasters is likely to increase due to a number of factors, chiefly among them climate change. The report’s most important contribution is its insight into how interdisciplinary approaches to disaster can actually make them peacebuilding opportunities. Chafe and Renner go into depth on a few case studies to make their point.
This should make some waves.
— Scott Paul


One comment on “Weekend Reading Material

  1. Marcia says:

    There is one factor that increases the number of victims in disasters, the fact that the world population has increased tremenously, which means there are humans almost everywhere, even in remote areas and in large numbers.
    Precarity also obliges people to face more life risking situations in which they have little or no choice and leaves them weak and subject to epidemics.
    If there is any hope for peacebuilding in our grim world that is great.


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