We are Israel


I really like this video clip titled “We are Israel” which I got via the Israel Embassy’s Communications Chief Jonny Peled — and this is the Israel that I want to see be sustained.
It would also be good to see an Egypt of similar energy and diversity emerge.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. samuelburke says:

    Brand murder…Brand arrogance…Brand lies.
    remember the bs with the turkish ship and the faked radio comms
    talking about a holocaust that was show to be a fake of the israeli
    occupation forces.
    how about the white phosphorous attacks on a civilian population
    by one of the top ranked militaries on the planet.
    lets not forget that spy pollard…please lets rebrand the natioanl
    socialist in germany or stalins govt.
    lets call it israel, americas friend in the middle east…bahahahaha.
    cynical at best.


  2. Carroll says:

    The problem is Steve….the video isn’t the reality in Israel.
    I think it would have been a tad more accurate to say “this is what I would like to see Israel become”..not “sustained”, implying it already is as depicted when it isn’t.
    I am not surprised the Israeli Embassy sent it to you however– the hasbara kids, wig and nadine, Rubin jumping you, the note from your “mentor” and some ‘associates’…you know what the deal is…you’re a tool of influence.
    Actually I think you’ve done a decent job on the issue all things considered…your position, access protection, etc,etc..
    Just know one thing…regardless of all the Israeli propaganda and spin and PR…the “American street” is not for Israel, has become increasing disgusted with Israel……this doesn’t pentrate the DC bubble…which makes the ‘street’ even more disgusted with the Israeli fetish in our government…and with our government
    We all know what the ‘right side of history’, as
    they’ say, is on this one.


  3. Tridant says:

    “It would also be good to see an Egypt of similar energy and diversity emerge.”
    Open your eyes, Steve. The last thing one wants to see is the “energy” and false “diversity” of Israel — that is unless you are enamored with the “energy” of land theft, home demolition and settler-colonialism and with “diversity” under Apartheid.


  4. Matthew says:

    “It would also be good to see an Egypt of similar energy and diversity emerge.”
    Well, Steve, how about we cut off funding to a brutal dictator and not try to slot his torturer-in-chief in his place? Then Egypt might actually stand a chance.


  5. Kathleen says:

    Diane good idea
    Bet we will see Rachel Maddow and others promoting this rebranding effort before they ever shed the lights on Palestinian protest or illegal settlement expansion. Place your bets


  6. diane ham says:

    how about someone making a video “We Are Palestine”? Should be quite revealing!!


  7. Kathleen says:

    And Best regards to you Steve. I truly admire your efforts, knowledge, inteligence, composure etc. Just terribly frustrated by the similarities between MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CSpan when it comes to busting through the wall of silence on these programs when it comes to Palestinian protest, the expansion of illegal settlements, the Goldstone Report, the Un Report about the massacre on the Mavi Marmara etc.
    We hear Andrea Mitchell, Richard Engel, Anderson Cooper, Maddow etc howling about the Egyptian protesters access to the media, freedom, human rights etc while they continue to black out the same needs of the Palestinian people.
    Few will touch these critical issues when they are in the spotlight. Greenwald is the only guest on these shows who I have witnessed go there. Jane Hamsher silent. Arianna Huffington silent.
    You are brilliant enough to do it with class and facts.
    Theh public need the facts about the I/P conflict. Not the rebranding of Israel


  8. Kathleen says:

    I watch these programs every night. Can you point out one time ONE TIME when you have stepped out of the off limits line when you are on these programs? Now we know Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Richard Engel, Andrea Mitchell and the majority of guest on any of these outlets will not go near the facts on the ground in the I/P conflict. When was the last time Richard Engel, Anderson Cooper etc broadcast from the middle of a Palestinian protest etc? Report when was the last time Rachel Maddow shed some light on the Goldstone report? Or instead of repeating the unsubstatiated claims about Iran have Race for Iran and former CIA analyst Flynt Leverett on her program to discuss Iran based on facts?
    Look Steve I know you have allowed the truth about these issues to come through your site. But when it comes to your appearance on these programs can you point to one time ONE TIME where you have brought attention on what is really going on on the ground in the I/P conflict? You are promoting the rebranding at your site with out even mentioning the facts on the ground when you have a much broader audience on these programs. Some balance please. Whisper about these issues if you dare when you are on Maddows. She sure will not. Break through that wall..all ready. You can do it in a way that is fair and balanced even though the MSM will not even dip their toes in.
    Glenn Greenwald did mention these critical issues on the Dylan Ratigan show. Bet Dylan was slammed. When will you step out of off limits line on these programs?
    Please give us an example of where you have done this when you have the larger section of the public viewing?


  9. Steve Clemons says:

    Obviously Kathleen…you and I have different views of these, and your broad statements on what I have said or haven’t said on these shows is completely inaccurate.
    best regards,
    Steve Clemons


  10. Kathleen says:

    Oh come on Steve. Are you really going to promote this rebranding of Isreal at your site? You do not even have the cajones to even whisper about the shutting down of the Goldstone Report, the expanding illegal settlements in the West Bank or E Jerusalem, the black out of the Palestinian protest on Rachel Maddows etc when you are on these news outlets.
    Have never heard you bring up the reality on the ground in the I/P conflict. When was the last time anyone heard Richard Engel, Maddow, Anderson Cooper, etc broadcasting from a Palestinian protest, an illegal settlement in the West Bank, a Palestinian refugee camp? Hell MSNBC etc would not even whisper about the Goldstone Report or Israel’s shut down of all communication outlets on the Gaza humanitarian boats. Or the confiscation of all electronic and recording devices on those ships. Rachel, Keith Olberman etc did not touch the UN report about the massacre on the Mavi Marmara
    And here you are fueling the false rebranding of what is really going on in the I/P conflict. Pathetic


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