Voting Mishap Clearinghouse


If you see shenanigans being pulled at polling stations, here’s a clearinghouse of sites on how to report what you have seen — as well as guidance on what other actions you can take to preserve your voting rights.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “Voting Mishap Clearinghouse

  1. Seriously? says:

    “Simple-minded. Brainwashed. Can’t think for themselves. These people should not be allowed to vote.”
    Can you clarify your, “These people” comment? Do you mean everyone who doesn’t live on a coast or otherwise agree with you? Did this traveling salesman also do the same tour in 1998 when a Democrat was in office? Would the reaction have been different?
    Stop throwing stones and make a difference. I’m sick of your whining.


  2. The Voyeur says:

    Posted by Alex at November 7, 2006 07:49 AM
    “Simple-minded. Brainwashed. Can’t think for themselves. These people should not be allowed to vote.”
    Are you kidding me? Your statement is simple-minded. What’s s-c-a-ry is that you believe you have made an astute observation.


  3. The Voyeur says:

    Greetings from South Florida!
    Just returned from voting. I was greeted at the door of my polling station by an attendant that did not speak one single word of english! Incredible!!! I signed in and was led to my booth and given instructions on how to operate the electronic ballot. Problem? The instructions were given in SPANISH. When I told the woman that I didn’t speak spanish she just stared at me and began to expalin, again, in spanish. GET ME OUT OF HERE! South Florida has completely disenfranchised me. I am unwanted and a non-factor, non-concern, oh and most often referred to as NON-HISPANIC! I am a NON.


  4. Carroll says:

    Voting system changed here.
    Last year thousands of votes were lost and/or counted twice in three surrounding counties using electronic voting.
    This year they evidently switched systems…now we have paper ballots to fill out and then put thru one central scanning machine….
    Huummm…we will see. Frankly I still think we should stick with the old fashioned hand counting regardless of how long it takes.


  5. Punchy says:

    Mr. Clemons is only worried about voting irregularities in Rhode Island. Specifically, those that may undercut any votes for Chaffee. 😉


  6. pauline says:

    Don’t forget what great work Brad Friedman has done compiling all the e-voting issues across the country at
    On C-Span this morning the host came across as clueless when he quoted from one news source, “many Americans are concerned that their vote today on the new voting machines will be valid. . .”
    Where were these people months, years ago?
    At least Democracy Now! has interviewed both Bev Harris and Brad multiple times in recent months.


  7. Pissed Off American says:

    Well, one thing abbout Bev Harris, she hasn’t been fighting for our democracy from a stool in Starbucks…….
    11-7-06: What to expect — and look for — in the 2006 election
    The best defense is a good offense, so VOTE!
    Now is not the time to retreat. Vote, and then find evidence to tell the story of what’s really happening in U.S. elections.
    Things may look relatively smooth on election day, but the real fun begins after the polls close. That’s when we see a lot of strange things. Look for:
    – Missing memory cards — and remember, a memory card is a BALLOT BOX. This happens every election, to weird shrugs by election officials. About 70 ballot boxes went missing in Cuyahoga County during the May primary; a bunch went missing in Detroit last spring, and they’ve gone missing in places like Dekalb County Georgia, and various other locations. This is nothing to shrug about.
    Remember when a single ballot box was missing in Florida in the 2000 election? Everyone was going crazy, but now, you have dozens and dozens of these memory cards, cartridges, and “PEBs” — all are small digital ballots boxes — they are going missing. Very troubling. Watch for i… More
    Black Box Voting (.ORG) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501c(3) organization. We are funded ENTIRELY by citizen donations.
    Contact info: 425-793-1030; cell 206-335-7747 or 206-354-5723; Mailing address: 330 SW 43rd St. Suite K, Box 547, Renton WA 98055. E-mail
    What can you do about it?: CITIZEN’S TOOL KIT
    Ask a question:’Dear Black Box Voting’


  8. Pissed Off American says:

    Cute. Here it is election day, and all the sudden Steve and the media are concerned about voter fraud and “irregularities”. Anyone wonder why we we will not see the standard exit polling in this election?
    Little late to jump on the bandwagon, Steve.


  9. Alex says:

    I saw an interesting show “Red State Road Trip” with Chris Hume on Free Speech TV on DirecTV channel 9415.
    Just a guy traveling to the “red” states interviewing people about issues and who they voted for and what their reasons were.
    No wonder this country is in the shape it’s in. Most red-staters are very simple people. They take the president at his word and tend to believe everything he says. In other words, their approach is that because he’s a Republican, he can be trusted. “Has morals”, “knows best”, and “must support the president during wartime” were common things heard. No matter what.
    Simple-minded. Brainwashed. Can’t think for themselves. These people should not be allowed to vote.
    If you have a chance, watch it.


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