ROCK THE VOTE REPORTS THAT IT HAS HELPED REGISTER more than 1,000,000 new young voters in the country. While it is true that America’s elder citizens outweigh youthful voters at the polls, there is some evidence that greater election curiosity is stirring among students and young people. is a great site for those of you out there who want a remarkably smooth and simple portal for voter registration laws and deadlines, along with applications.
This post is too late for those in Virginia, where registration closed yesterday as it did in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Washington, D.C. closed on Sunday, but Maryland’s registration runs until October 12th – as is the case in several other states.
New Mexico, a key battleground state, closes registration today.
The site was developed by Ted Knight of Washington College in Chestertown, MD. College students, particularly those who are doing their studies out of their parents’ home state, are often confused and have been fed misinformation about their voting rights. Sites such as this one help correct the confusion (and fraud. . .Fox News was bad again) out there about student voter registration.
Check out the site. You may have a week left to get on the voter rolls — that is, if some nefarious list of sound-a-lot-a-like-felon names didn’t get yours crossed off and your voting rights suspended.
— Steve Clemons