CHALMERS JOHNSON PROVIDES A POWERFUL TEMPLATE FOR ATTACKING representatives in Congress who have escaped the gravity of constituent concerns and have flown upward into the care of lobbyists and special interests.
In an article, “The Military-Industrial Man” which is posted with a thoughtful introduction by famed editor Tom Engelhardt, Johnson demystifies his seven-term House member, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, and illustrates how alien Cunningham’s portfolio of interests is to the interests of his voters.
Johnson writes:
Cunningham has only one string to his mandolin — the military-industrial complex and its interests. He has virtually no record at all on such issues as illegal immigration, water resources, ocean pollution, agriculture, mass transit, renewable energy, and unemployment.
Whenever he takes up subjects such as environmental conservation and education, it is to reduce or halt federal funds that might make a difference. Citizens of the Fiftieth District are not uninterested in national security but they have a much broader range of needs and concerns than has ever crossed the mind of their current representative.
As one of Cunningham’s constituents, I hope we send to the House of Representatives a person who actually knows something about the communities of northern San Diego County. A Francine Busby victory this November would cause a political realignment in San Diego County comparable to Loretta Sanchez’s 1996 defeat of “B-1” Bob Dornan in Orange County’s 46th District.

The entire article by Chalmers is well worth reading — not only because it serves up a brilliant indictment against one of the most repulsive personalities in the U.S. Congress but because it reminds the reader of the quality of leadership we really do deserve and rarely get in Congress.
Francine Busby is the right choice in California’s 50th District.
However, I happen to know Chalmers very well and know that he and his wife Sheila are equal opportunity critics. They want leaders in office who are going to pragmatically address America’s growing public policy morass — on both the domestic and international fronts.
If they had a left-wing ideologue representing them and supported by funds from outside the district that far outweighed constituent contributions, Chalmers and Sheila Johnson would be working to unseat them as well.
I wrote about Cunningham some time ago — and refer readers back to that. These guys (and they are mostly — but not all — guys) need to be shown the door.
Francine Busby needs your support, in dollars and attention.
I just can’t believe we have a Tailhook Association board member still thriving on Capitol Hill.
— Steve Clemons