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I will be appearing on the BBC News live at 3:00 pm EST and discussing some of the issues raised in an article, “The Genteel Revolt that is Remaking US Policy on Iraq,” by DC Bureau Chief of The Guardian Julian Borger.
The focus will be the “Iraq Study Group” co-chaired by James Baker III and Lee Hamilton and the impact on the Bush administration’s Middle East policy.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Bill H. says:

    I think the website with the story re: the Forward Base Falcon explosion story is TBRNews.org.
    Looking it over, and the story itself, it seems some skepticism is highly in order, given some of their other stories (like 15k Americans killed in Iraq, not the nearly 3k official numbers).
    There is a casualty list, but it would need cross checking with other lists of personnel and casualty lists that are trickling out. Yes the numbers of KIA and wounded are higher these days, but it seems a consequence of actions in the cities under the recent offensives.
    IMO, it would be very difficult these days to try to cover up the explosion and mass casualties by “trickling out” their numbers and attributing it to something else.


  2. mlaw230 says:

    It appears that the polite rebellion is being countered with the President’s own internal review of tactics and his abandonment of “Stay the Course” rehtoric.
    He is going to preempt the Baker Committee proposals by either preemptively adopting some of their less offensive ideas and using the review to deflect criticism by claiming that he is listening to his “generals” and those with “current intelligence” over the old guard meddlers.
    This appears to be generational warfare within the GOP. Baker is essentially bullet proof as any direct attack against him by the Administration would be seen as ungreatfulness in light of his Florida role.
    Unfortuantely, the only plausible remedy, i.e. to internationalize Iraqi oil administration and to nationalize the income stream runs counter to the vested interests of both sides.


  3. ShineTheLight says:

    I second Steve’s request for links, sconset. I’ve searched at both the Guardian and TNR, keywords “Iraq blast 300 Americans,” and no articles came up about anything on 10/10/06.


  4. Steve Clemons says:

    sconset — to tell you the truth, i’m unaware of this blast. if you have a link to one of the guardian or tnr stories, please email me at steve@thewashingtonnote.com.


  5. 'sconset says:

    Steve, this may be a little off-topic, but since you seem to be so “wired”, could you please do your readers a service and find out about the explosion in Iraq on 10/10/06 that killed at a minimum 300 american soldiers. It is being reported over at The Guardian and TNR websites, that the White House is suppressing this list until after the election. I can hardly type this I am so enraged. These sites LIST THE NAMES OF THE AMERICAN DEAD AND WE ARE NOT EVEN BEING TOLD THE TRUTH–yes, we the people who are paying for this hideous mess.
    As far as I am concerned, Baker is simply acting at ’41’s behest to bail his monstrous son out of this failed experiment. They are going to do one of two things: move the troops to safer ground (Murtha’s plan) or carve Iraq into 3 states (as Biden first mentioned. Bottom line, the Administration and Mehlmann will continue to yell “cut and run” at the Democrats and after the election, that is exactly what the White House and State Dept. will do. I’m sure Karen Hughes is designing a banner for that aka Missioned Accomplished.
    I have never had such contempt for people as I do this gang.
    Please look into the explosion. I would be very appreciative of it.


  6. karenk says:

    It’s a mess for sure (Iraq), and that’s what you get when you do the wrong thing, like invade a place that did nothing to you for your own greedy purposes.
    In many ways there is no way to know for sure what will happen no matter which options we choose. The element of the unknown looms large.
    But we HAVE to do something. Involving Iran and Syria is good along with phasing out troops because we simply have to start. Hello! They’re dying in record numbers! As for moving them to super bases will these then become for long term occupation and won’t they become targets for anyone in Iraq who hate Americans and wants to do some damage?
    This whole thing reminds me of that commercial where the guy’s choking at the restaurant and those around him are discussing, at length, the Heimlich maneuver, BUT NO ONE”S ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING TO IMPLEMENT THE KNOWLEDGE AND SAVE THE GUY!
    The real question for me is WHO, if anyone in this administration, will be the guy in the commercial who walks over and performs the Heimlich relieving the airway obstruction and saving the choking man?
    American troops and innocent Iraqis are dying in record numbers. Somebody really should do something.
    YA THINK???


  7. Pissed Off American says:

    “It’s a polite rebellion by moderate and military-minded Republicans,” said Steven Clemons, a Washington analyst. “Any walk-away from the Bush line is going to be covered with a lot of cosmetics to make it look like it’s not really a big change.”
    Habeas Corpus flushed down the toilet. Our executive branch spying on Americans. Lied into this clusterfuck in Iraq. Nuclear proliferation once again encouraged by our own program of escalation. An electoral process corrupted and compromised. People being tortured at the behest of our leaders. Selling arms and cowtowing to a country that has launched a program of genocide and has bribed 3/4’s of Washington, spies on us on a regular basis, and very likely has, and will, expend the lives of AMERICAN soldiers, and AMERICAN treasure to pursue its own interests.
    Yet you keep coming up with this coffee klatch horseshit, Steve. Who’s zoomin’ who. This rumor. That rumor.
    There isn’t any “polite rebellion”, Steve. There are a bunch of fucking cowards who are scared to death of Cheney, are interested in nothing more than thier own bank accounts and hold on power, are owned by the same special interest groups that the Bush Administration is, and are willing to be complicit in the deaths of thosands of young Americans, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, if thats what it takes to stay in power.
    The “polite rebellion” is an exercise in political expediency. Do you REALLY think these fuckers will change course if they retain control of Congress? Where the hell have YOU been these last six years, Steve?
    In a few weeks these treasonous bastards in the Bush Administration will NOT be constrained by the spectre of a looming election. You think we have dyin’ NOW? You ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet.


  8. rapier says:

    This Iraq Study Group is essentially an attemted end run being made being made by the old permanent government GOP hands to make an end run around Cheney and to establish some sort of rational policy making apparatus. It probably will not work unless they are willing to go all the way and somehow show Bush the door. That leaves Cheney. Behind him Hassert.
    Then again, who better to take the presidency away from Bush than the man who played such a crucial roll in installing him in office, Jim Baker.
    The problem is Bush himself. Look and listen to him and say you honestly feel he is going to change course. I don’t think so.


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