TRAVEL SCHEDULE for <em>The Washington Note</em> and New America Foundation Team


August 24 – 29 (Sunday-Friday)

Denver — Democratic National Convention

Steve Clemons, Sameer Lalwani, Brian Till, Daniel Levy, Rebecca Abou-Chedid, Steve Coll (only August 26-27)

August 29 – September 1 (Friday – Monday)

Boston — American Political Science Association Annual Meeting

Steve Clemons

September 1 – September 4 (Monday – Thursday)

Minneapolis/St. Paul – Republican National Convention

Steve Clemons, Brian Till, Daniel Levy, Rebecca Abou-Chedid, Reihan Salam

— Steve Clemons


12 comments on “TRAVEL SCHEDULE for <em>The Washington Note</em> and New America Foundation Team

  1. Kathleen says:

    Not the old kind…they had to make him party Chair so he wouldn’t run again….and he was able to buck the trend and insist on the 50 state strategy which is how the Demz got their razxor thing majority.


  2. WigWag says:

    I guess the same kind of asshole who squats on what was once Mexican land and then bitches about illegal immigration.
    Kathleen, Howard Dean might have been sympathetic at one time, but he is a party boss now.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Comical. After commenting that he rarely watches cable news, WigWacked starts blathering about Lou Dobbs, and now Fox News. It appears he’s a bit more mainstream in his tunnelly little world than he cares to admit, eh?
    What kind of jackass can possibly, with a straight face, use the words “Fox News”, and “awesome” in the same paragraph?


  4. Kathleen says:

    Will Bower and a lady rep for PUMA were on CNN last week., Wolf Blitzer..situation Room….Again, IMO, the most important role the Hillary delegates can play at the convention will be to change the party rules from caucuses to primaries. Howard Dean should be sympathatic to that…it’s how he lost the nomination to the party bosses in 04.


  5. WigWag says:

    Thanks for the advice Spunkmeyer. I’ve already done my part. But unlike the creative classes who support Obama, most of us buy our coffee in Dunkin Doughnuts not Starbucks so money is a little tighter for us.
    But I’m sure Hillary will be grateful for your concern.
    And as long as you mentioned Fox News, Will Bower was on Fox earlier today and he was awesome as ususal.
    He floats like a butterfly,
    he stings like a bee.
    Will Bower is the Puma
    Muhammad Ali.
    (which makes Steve Clemons his Angelo Dundee)


  6. Spunkmeyer says:

    The Motel 6 location is probably too far of a taxi drive to merit
    the outcome. Nobody cares but Fox News about the PUMA dead-
    WigWag, wanna do some productive good? Help pay off Clinton’s
    campaign debt. Those 18 million of you oughta be able to chip in
    few bucks each and take care of it in no time.


  7. WigWag says:

    While you’re in Denver, Steve. Why not head over to PUMA headquarters. Will Bower will be happy to tell you where it is. And I know he will be happy to give you the grand tour.
    I’m sure you’ll be greated very warmly. After all, you mentored Will Bower. Your the Angelo Dundee to his Muhammad Ali.


  8. Steve Clemons says:

    POA — you got me laughing. I am moving to a different place every night, just to stay safe.


  9. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Hey Steve.
    If you are going to post you and your team’s travel itinerary here, (particularly if traveling by air), may I suggest a pre-travel moratorium on any anti-Hillary postings, as well as a pre-emptive complimentary commentary about Hillary’s wisdom, patriotism, and youthful good looks?
    An ounce of prevention…..


  10. Spunkmeyer says:

    Safe travels, Steve et al.


  11. Linda says:

    Have fun, but your whole team won’t replace R.J. Apple Jr in analysis, commentary, and even food appetite at those parties where you have to stand and juggle cocktail fare to abide by the ethics rules. So don’t forget what Apple wrote in 7/2004:
    “Drama and excitement are important parts of politics, which is a branch, after all, of the theatrical arts. Drama and excitement there can be without tearing the party apart or engaging in a slugfest with the opposition. Will choreography carry the day? Will Mr. Kerry, no orator on present form, find a way to lift the hearts of the delegates and large numbers of television viewers and send them into battle for his candidacy?”
    “Perhaps. But it is hard to imagine Boston 2004 living up to H.L. Mencken’s classic description of the conventions: ”One sits through long sessions, wishing heartily that all the delegates and alternates were dead and in hell — and then suddenly there comes a show so gaudy and hilarious, so melodramatic and obscene, so unimaginably exhilarating and preposterous that one lives a gorgeous year in an hour.” ”
    Enjoy the show!


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