Time for Obama Team to Call General Wesley Clark and Request His Services


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The Obama campaign needs to reverse course and reach out to General Wesley Clark who is the No. 1 most requested surrogate by Democratic Party fundraisers. He is a thoughtful, top tier, command experienced strategist. He once told me that we need to organize an “Urgent Action Climate Change Task Force.”
How many generals are really, totally committed to climate change as a national security issue? The answer is not many — but Wesley Clark is.
And first in September 2005 and then again in January 2006 at events that I helped organize, Wesley Clark laid out brilliantly the reasons why Iran must be engaged with a broad negotiation agenda without preconditions. He broke the ground for engaging Iran — far before any other possible presidential contender did so.
We hear too much about a comment that Clark made about McCain on “Face the Nation” (which was technically correct) — but we don’t hear enough about the times he was right before just anyone on some tough calls — particularly on Iran.
I’ll never forget his speech at YearlyKos in Chicago 2007 when he called on President Bush to stop hiding between David Petraeus.
The Obama campaign has not offered a “role” — as of yet — to General Clark at the Democratic convention.
I have been told by Wesley Clark’s office that the General would do anything he could do on behalf of the party and on behalf of Barack Obama if he could be of service. He has two board of directors meetings scheduled the week of the convention, but I know that he would adjust his schedule to be there. He wants to play a role — and I think Dems need him now and will need Clark’s service for many years ahead.
So, I very much hope that the Obama campaign will reach out to General Clark and offer him a role at the Convention — a role that fits the stature and service of Wesley Clark.
I know Clark will be there if the Obama campaign engages him. . .because Clark is a dedicated team player, a strong supporter of Obama and the Dems, and someone who Dems should not take for granted.
Let’s see what happens.
Note to Obama team: It’s time to recruit General Clark and the many who respect and support him into your big tent.
— Steve Clemons
P.S. — Still on constant VP watch. I’m perplexed and worried about the rumors of Obama going to Indiana on Saturday. I don’t know if Bayh has some how turned around his situation with the Obama campaign.


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