STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Oil and War & The Future of Nation-Building


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Today, I am hosting two events at the New America Foundation which will stream live here at The Washington Note.
The first of these features Richard Vague, the founding CEO of the former First USA Bank and the builder of the largest credit card operation at that time in the United States. Vague is a Republican CEO but is not supportive of the Bush administration and is a close friend and political supporter of Senator Joe Biden. He is the founder of and he’s going to talk about war, the impact on energy and inflation and what this means for America’s future and options.
Secondly, Ambassador and former Presidential Envoy James Dobbins who organized and convened the Bonn Conference designed to stabilize Afghanistan and which included strong Iran participation will talk about his new book After the Taliban: Nation-Building in Afghanistan. Dobbins now directs the International Security and Defense Policy Center of the RAND Corporation.
The meeting on “How the War is Driving Oil Costs Up and American Families Down” will run approximately from 11 am until noon EST. The meeting with Dobbins titled “Does Nation-Building Have a Future?” will run from about 12:15 pm til 1:45 pm EST.
— Steve Clemons


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