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In case you’re completely up to date on Wolfowitz’s imminent exit from the World Bank and the new push on the Law of the Sea, some other interesting things worth a read:
First, private citizen John Bolton says the U.S. should attack Iran soon.
Citizens for Global Solutions, the organization where I work, launched a blog this month. Some recent highlights include an open letter from Charles Brown, our President & CEO, to Fred Thompson; a comment on Republicans and torture; a word on a Darfuri refugee activist; and a power couple who will soon supervise nearly 300,000 troops and police between them.
A very close friend of mine – and probably the best writer I know – is writing a blog on his experience as a Japanese-American, Yankee journalist in the South. He writes without the cliches and condescending tone that characterizes so much writing about the American South and its politics, yet manages to keep his writings lively and enlightening. His latest is on gun violence.
The Global Interdependence Initiative also launched a blog last month that should be of interest to many readers.
Elections for the U.N. Human Rights Council will commence shortly. Even if Belarus is elected – which would seriously damage the Council’s credibility – the U.S. needs to redouble its efforts to make it work. To this point, the Bush administration has done very little to get the Council on the right track.
And apparently, Republicans running for President are rich. This is news?
— Scott Paul


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