Thoughts on the Internet, Foreign Policy & Citizenship


I did this short interview yesterday with ‘Karl’ outside a very good conference organized by the State Department and US Embassy to Austria in Vienna titled “Blogs and Bullets: How the New Media Shape Political Action.”
More soon from Vienna.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Kathleen says:

    One of the you tube video of Lucas Koehner’s arrest has been taken down. Talk about censorship and “filtering” on the internet.
    YouTube – Another Young Jewish Hero meets Israeli-US Democracy
    Jun 10, 2011 … Lucas Koerner is a sophomore at Tufts University in Boston … – Block all results
    Video taken down. What does “block all results” mean?
    During a recent a march in support of Israel Israeli youth screamed violent and ruthless statements about Arabs. Such as “kill the Arabs” “burn their villages” “slaughter Arabs” and Israeli soldiers and police officers did nothing to interrupt these violent statements
    White Shirts in Jerusalem cry


  2. DakotabornKansan says:

    There is no more sensitive issue than criticism of Israel. Criticizing Israel is dangerous business. It is a “third rail.”
    With few exceptions, such Glen Greenwald, Stephen Walt, M.J. Rosenberg, Daniel Levy, and Mondoweiss, Israel is pretty much granted immunity from criticism.
    Our government and media are the Israeli government’s enablers.
    The bias of establishment media and its subservience to political power, eager to please both AIPAC and our government, requires abdication of journalistic responsibilities by


  3. Kathleen says:

    On Steves topic about the internet, foreign policy and citizenship.
    Just a while back watched a clip of Move On Eli Pariser describing internet


  4. Kathleen says:

    I have heard Clemons bring up the issue when asked. I have searched for more on MSNBC because he has claimed that he has brought up these critical issues. So far more than most. I heard him talk about it in a reasonable fashion. What ever that means. Careful enough to be invited back on these shows. Which means very very carefully. Now I respect that he allows us to be critical of him as well as the support he deserves. He is clearly brilliant and open minded
    Glenn Greenwald has gone further than any of the so called progressive bloggers, activist on Dylan Ratigans (The Ahmadenijad Game at Salon) Dylan and Glenn wiped up the floor with Cliff May and his lies
    Our job as vigilant citizens is to keep pushing on these critical issues. Keep pushing the MSM our congress folks etc. But you all ready know this.
    There is a system set in place to use and Aipac uses it almost too effectively and very close to criminally I believe( they should be required to sign up under the Foreign Agents Registration Act) as Senator Fulbright pushed for decades ago. And Grant Smith and others are doing now.
    Check out this clip of Jewish youth. No brutal arrest of these violent trash mouthed young folks
    So here we have Jewish young people screaming “kill the Arabs” “burn their villages” “slaughter the Arabs” Do you see the Israeli police going and ripping one of them off the street, kicking them, knocking them to the ground, choke hold for this violent brutal language? Nope
    But in the above clip at Mondoweiss you have a young Jewish American man peacefully protesting the occupation of Palestine . Go check out what happened to him.


  5. Kathleen says:

    Steve do you ever stop? Amazing stamina
    Check out this arrest of a young American Jewish man who was protesting the Israeli occupation by aggressive and violent Israeli police. If this is what they do in the day light in front of cameras it is not hard to imagine what they do in private to prisoners.


  6. Karin Czerny says:

    Brilliant as always — Vienna misses you already!


  7. Dan Kervick says:

    I do think the internet – along with other newer information and communication technologies – is at least partially responsible for increased fragmentation and polarization in our society. There are other factors, but I believe there is less of a unified public sphere than there once was when people had fewer information options, and when the information options people did have helped manufacture more broad-based consensus opinions.


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