The Gulf Oil Slick: Are We Really Doing Enough?


This has to be watched. As the narrator says, “the Gulf appears to be bleeding.”
Thanks to UT Austin/LBJ School’s James Galbraith for sending my way.
For those of you following this disaster, the blog Gulf Oil Slick is a good resource.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Mean Gene says:

    “Was Gulf Oil Spill an Inside Job?”
    American Free Press
    Could the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion be part of a larger scheme to


  2. Randy L says:

    “Gulf of Mexico worst Case Scenarios– Listing the Players and Possible Terrorist or Nuke Tie-in”


  3. David says:

    I think a rolling wake for the death of the Gulf would be in order, following the path of ecocide as it makes its way along. R.I.P, Gulf of Mexico. It was certainly enjoyable knowing you when you were alive.
    And a wonderful tidbit:
    Source: Miami Herald
    WASHINGTON — In the days after an oil well spun out of control in the Gulf of Mexico, BP engineers tried to activate a huge piece of underwater safety equipment but failed because the device had been so altered that diagrams BP got from the equipment’s owner didn’t match the supposedly failsafe device’s configuration, congressional investigators said Wednesday.
    So is it natureslaughter or first-degree ecocide?


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Meanwhile the sacks of shit in DC continue to give drilling companies wavers from doing environmental impact surveys. 27 such wavers having had been handed out SINCE the onset of this cataclysmic event unfolding in the gulf.
    And why didn’t these fuckers have containment domes already constructed, on standby, if they were a feasable response to such a PREDICTABLE event?
    And why in God’s name haven’t we figured out the value of accountability? Halliburton keeps screwin’ us over, and what price do they pay? We KNOW they screwed us out of billions in Iraq, even harming the welfare and health of our troops. Did heads roll, are any of these pieces of shit in prison? On the contrary, we reward them for fucking us over, we sign them on for more government contracts.
    So do we really expect them to be any more responsible in their contracting to non-governmental agencies?? They simply don’t give a shit. No actual HUMAN pays a price, the corporation does, which takes NO bread out of ANY person’s larder that is actually responsible for such a disaster.
    Don’t forget, our esteemable batch of roos in black just opened the flood gates to corporate bribery during election cycles. Will it be a suprise to see the next batch of Congress whores giving these companies a free pass for causing unprecedented environmental disaster on an epic scale? Of course not. Accountability is a thing of the past for these corporations and the whore politicians that suck them off all the way to the bank. Accountability is for us common folk. We get to pay for getting screwed, sans health insurance, with no funds for sending little Jimmie to college, and for the sweet stench of crude soaked beaches and wetlands. Pay your taxes. Uncle Sam needs the money so he can enrich the kind of elitist scum we just saw pointing fingers at each other on C-Span.
    Worse are these posturing frauds throwing the questions, pretending to represent “the people”. Where were these bastards BEFORE this gusher erupted? Well, kneeling at the feeding trough, of course, elbowing each other out of the way so they can stuff their greedy craws well beyond reason. And now it is time for them to pretend they give a shit.
    This country is DEAD. The founding fathers warned us, and we ignored them. Does anyone feel “proud” when you see these pathetic money grubbing power hungry pieces of shit posturing for the masses?
    Pffffft. We’re done. Didn’t last long, did we?


  5. Blue Mooner says:

    BP’s fine is pocket change. Count on the Feds letting them off the hook.
    Nice way to get the pump prices rising with such a “disaster”. Was it really an unforeseen accident?
    Keep thinking about those pump prices as they continue up, up and away!


  6. Ted says:

    Thanks for posting this, Steve. It’s a powerful reminder that the
    lofty geopolitical topics more typical of TWN come back to earth,
    sometimes with devastating impact. This is beyond environmental
    disaster, this is a disaster of modernity, of our expectations of the
    way we feel entitled to live on earth. These disasters of modernity
    are fast gathering on our horizon (or already with us), and the
    lessons of the past shed very little light on how we are going to
    cope with this next phase of human history.


  7. Roci says:

    Sorry old Chap, but supermarket tabloids are “disturbing” This is an outright disaster whose proportions are being downplayed, largely because there has never been anything this bad, and no one in government or industry has any applicable metrics for the damage being done, let alone the costs (short and long term) of putting it right. By the way, “Long term” means the next 50 to 100 years, not just the Administration of the next President. That is my personal definition of “disturbing.”


  8. ... says:

    pretty disturbing… thanks for sharing this… i just got back from being in new orleans for a few weeks while this was developing… i picked up a book that is well worth the read if anyone is interested in louisiana – bayou farewell – by mike tidwell… it was written before katrina… this major environmental disaster just adds to the seriousness facing this area and by extension the usa today..


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