The Al Gore Win


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Armand Hammer always wanted a Nobel Peace Prize — and so did Japan shipbuilding and auto racing tycoon Ryoichi Sasakawa. They tried to buy it and brow beat for it.
I’m always amused at some level that when I was helping to fight Armand Hammer who had bought off most of the Democratic members of the then Los Angeles City Council (he already had the Republican ones) to get approved oil drilling leases for sites off of the Pacific Palisades in Southern California, Al Gore Sr. was on the Occidental Petroleum board of directors.
Al Gore the son has come around a long way to co-share a Nobel Peace Prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Here is a very nicely written note from Al Gore’s blog.
I want to congratulate him for raising international consciousness about climate change.
Now with all due respect to the many good people calling for Al Gore to run for President, let’s spend our efforts on the climate change policy challenges rather than the higher sizzle but less satisfactory gaming on whether he will run or not. He won’t.
Now, let’s look at ways to price carbon.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “The Al Gore Win

  1. BevD says:

    This isn’t a tribute to Al Gore, it’s a tribute to yourself. Al Gore is merely the mechanism for your self-aggrandizement. Shameful.


  2. pauline says:

    When asked, even Hillary recently said, if elected, she would consider finding a spot in her adminstration for Al Gore.
    So, Al must be absolutely correct about global warming because even she is starting to thaw!


  3. Steve Clemons says:

    There is an interesting problem that bringing on any more major coal burning power plants will neutralize the effect of ALL of the do-good, save the earth policy measures that are being considered. I just got back from Montana and heard from some environmentalists that there is a major fight now there to bring on such a plant — and this doesn’t even include what is happening in China.
    To have any impact in my view, a global moratorium is going to have to be secured on new coal burning plants — and then a lot of money diverted into the science of carbon capture from coal burning — which just isn’t up to standards needed yet.
    But Memekiller — I get your point.
    Steve Clemons


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