John Edwards Denies


John Edwards has made a statement denying rumors of an extramarital liaison with any other woman — though not mentioning Rielle Hunter.
I’m going to turn off my cynical gene for a moment and fully accept John Edwards statement at face value. We all probably should.
However, after having done some wrestling with John Bolton, Scooter Libby, the Bush administration — and yes, even the Clinton administration that would parse words, meanings and statements into their finest legal nuance — it is frustrating when a pro like John Edwards leaves open any door that can be manipulated as a loophole in his statement. Washington is flush with non-denial denials, and Edwards and Hunter issued that kind of statement, not the definitive one that I think would have slammed the lid down hard on this slimy allegation.
And. . .although he may be moving in that direction, I’ve heard no demand by Hunter or Edwards for a retraction of the story — and no threat of legal action if the retraction is not immediately made.
He really should shut down those promulgating this stuff.

— Steve Clemons