Ted Stevens Can Vote for Himself


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Many years ago, I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska as a kid — and I always felt on the frontier of civilization.
Not that much seems to have changed. Sarah Palin had a investigative report filed against her for abusing her authorities as governor and which was released by a unanimous panel dominated by Republicans — and yet, there is no legal sanction or punishment imposed for those abuses.
And now while some compulsive obsessive Republican poll watchers are spending more time trying to purge voting roles of convicted felons rather than getting new voters to participate in the franchise, Senator Ted Stevens — who is now convicted of a felony — has been issued a formal waiver allowing him to vote for himself.
This is just another chapter in our “who you know democracy.”
— Steve Clemons


12 comments on “Ted Stevens Can Vote for Himself

  1. RonK, Seattle says:

    Steve — I have lots of friends who go off the deep end and convince themselves of lots of things, especially where political adversaries are concerned … but I try to adjust for bias and avoid getting taken along for the ride.
    If your friends have any informed argument to offer on the subject, that might make interesting reading.
    In any case, the claim that Stevens was “issued a formal waiver” is simply, factually incorrect.
    The case law where voting is concerned in rather one-sided (especially as regards applicable Washington state precedent, which had quite a work-out in the Gregoire recount battles just four years back); case law on the other side seems to bear only indirectly, as regards interpretation of the term “convicted”.
    On the other side is some talk radio chatter by callers who claim to have been similarly-situated felons. There’s a passel of weak links in that chain, and at best they may just have been poorly represented.
    On a lighter note, have you heard? The prodigal juror has returned, spinning quite an amusing tale.


  2. belicoso says:

    Stevens was convicted and rightfully so, however I understand the waiver allowing him to vote. Although he was convicted on corruption charges he has not exhausted all of his appeals and so there is certainly a chance that his conviction could be reversed and with that opportunity in mind the waiver allowing him to vote seems prudent. I would hope that for their own sakes that the people of Alaska will be wise enough to vote Sen. Stevens out of office. His maniacal sense of entitlement, that he believed he deserved not only the trust of his constituents as well as his enviable salary, but also lavish gifts from people seeking to buy his political influence. The fact that he continually took these gifts shows that he had no problem skirting the rules that normal people must follow. This is the absurd sense of entitlement we should see from shameless folks like Anna Nicole Smith, not our elected representatives. Anna Nicole decided early on that her husband’s extensive estate planning that he took care to have drafted and executed (which excluded her from his will) did not apply to her and that she deserved a substantial piece of his estate. She believed in her own entitlement so much that she fought for over a decade trying to obtain a piece of the Marshall fortune. Sen. Stevens took gifts for several decades and apparently still thinks he has a shot at being a senator even after the corruption came to light. That sense of entitlement has no place in Congress, could not possibly serve the people of Alaska and is at a level that borders on insanity. I will be crossing my fingers on election day, hoping that Alaskans do the right thing.


  3. carol says:

    Well, that about takes the cake…just what is the point of our judicial system????
    Here he is a felon and he can vote for himself for his senate seat…is there something wrong here or is it me????
    I thought we were a nation of laws…why is Palin still running around talking about”corruption” in Washington!!! and now Stevens can vote for himself, I tell you this is totally beyond me!!!


  4. ... says:

    poa – they would only be doing it( stealing the election) to ‘protect’ you while saving you from the threat of ‘terrorism’… lol –


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    This “pranked” deal is hilarious, yet terrifying. Palin thinks she’s talking to a head of state who says “my wife is so hot in bed”, and she doesn’t bat an eye. At the end of the news segment on MSNBC, you can hear her demanding the radio station call sign letters, and there’s real venom in the request. If this bitch can figure out a way to bury these two comedians, you can bet they’re dog meat.
    Truth be told, these GOP pieces of shit aspiring for high office, and the criminal mobsters that have grossly abused the Presidency and our nation these last eight years are pathetic. The entire world must be laughing at us. Is there REALLY a large contingent of American citizens that are so incredibly ignorant that they are swallowing Palin’s load of shallow folksy bullshit?
    If these bastards steal this election, we are in deeper shit than a mere eight years of George Bush and his satanic VP has placed us. And if they CAN steal it, they WILL steal it.


  6. Steve Clemons says:

    RonK — much respect for you, but I was moved to write this because of friends in Alaska who raised the issue with me. So, there are at least a few people in Alaska — who are civically involved — who completely disagree that the waiver for Stevens is standard operating procedure.
    Hope you are well,


  7. RonK, Seattle says:

    Cheap shot, Steve, and a misleading one.
    Stevens “waiver” is nothing special — merely a restatement of Alaska standard operating procedure concerning felons and voting elegibility.


  8. questions says:

    Laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all
    Johnny Halliday, the adviser, and lipstick on a cochon, and Hustler’s Nailin Palin…. Oh dear. Nicolassss, let’s kill two birds with one stone.
    Palin was pranked. Seems to be real given that her campaign has come out with a statement about it. “C’est la vie.”
    And at around 1:30 pm in the comments section there’s another Canadian comedy routine worth the scrolling and 7 minutes of laughter.


  9. Bill R. says:

    (In 1999 I spent a night sleeping on the floor of that airport when my ride didn’t show up.) But it shows you how disingenuous the whole conversation is about “pork.” Ted Stevens has his name on the airport precisely because of pork. When you bring home the pork to your state, they call it “bringing home the bacon” or that what we’re entitled to. When someone else does it, it’s “pork.” Politicians who deliver get their name on airports and when they’re convicted of a felony, it’s really not a conviction. If you’re a poor member of the under-class in my state, and you’re convicted of a felony they will shut you away for a long time. And you known as a career criminal.


  10. bangzoom14 says:

    Excellent commentary Steve. I would also like to add one little comment. All those scruby faced spanking clean republicans throughout the country who have successfully tried to purge felons from the voting rolls did so not because of their so-called crime but rather because one day they figured out a “legitimate” way to purge what would most likely be future democratic votes. But if you read this.. shhh.. don’t tell anyone. It’s supposed to be a big secret. But oops, I just let it out.


  11. JohnH says:

    I’m of two minds regarding seating Stevens in the Senate. On the one hand, felons, particularly those who have violated their public trust, should be removed.
    One the other hand, having Stevens serve would be a constant reminder of the moral turpitude of those who do service us in Congress.


  12. DonS says:

    I’ve visited Alaska one time and, to me too, I got the feeling very much of being on the frontier, the wild West.
    Many of my clients are convicted felons and they complain often about having lost their rights. Admittedly they have most concern with the right to have a gun, because many are hunters. No way, no chance, nohow.
    ’nuff said.


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