Tears for a Journalist: Change in the Middle East Comes at High Cost


al jazeera 1.jpgThere are more than sixty of leading young activists from revolts and revolutions throughout the Middle East at the 6th Annual Al Jazeera Forum. I am attending this fascinating meeting as a guest of Al Jazeera.
Turkey Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu just landed in Doha to speak at the meeting tomorrow. Former Brazil President Luiz In


7 comments on “Tears for a Journalist: Change in the Middle East Comes at High Cost

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “One of Al Jazeera’s cameramen, a person whose name I wish I could post here because he deserves a salute from all of us but which I don’t yet have (since writing this it has been made public that his name was Ali Hassaon Al Jaber), was ambushed and executed inside Libya”
    Hmmmm. What a pity we can’t send Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter over to “cover” events, eh?


  2. Eric Lowe says:

    Thanks for your report. Arabs are human too. For a long time in America, they were viewed as foreigners, terrorist and anti-Americans especially after 9/11. The real picture is more cplex than this. In the Egyptian uprising, American social networks like Facebook and Tweeter play a decisive role in their revolution. It is a good time to start over and know what the Arab world is all about. They are not all against us, in this piece it is shown that they are humans too. Gaddifi did not spare them because they are Muslims. Outside of what we look and live our lives, we are the same. Journalist who wanted to reveal the truth. This is a job that is getting harder to achieve. We should salute those who put their lives on the line to tell the world the truth.


  3. Anna Jones says:

    Writing a few words in reply to Philip’s post, which is so right:
    The divide between the American common people and the Corporate interests is growing at an appalling speed. A glaring example is that Fox and CNN say nothing about the billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch that bankroll Wisconsin’s Governor who started the crushing of Collective Bargaining. The N.Y Times, Bloomberg, wrote about them, but Fox and CNN keep silent.
    We have our own Gaddafis here, who fight the American people with 3 weapons-Money, Lies, and Silence.
    Individual star journalists like CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who have nothing to lose and much to gain if they’re fired from their jobs, are the only hope of the American people for having news such as Al Jazeera covers.
    Even PBS Television, the Public Broadcast Service T.V, airs… woodworking and Lawrence Welk during the day, and documentaries very late at night, when people sleep.
    There is a gradual descent of the mainstream online Media here in America, into tabloid / gossip ‘journalism’, that was not there some years ago. One only has to look at about half of the headlines daily on the Fox and CNN sites, to see it.
    Whether this is to attract the tabloid-reading crowd for financial reasons (eyeballs count for online advertising), or a deliberate effort to ‘stupidify’ the public, is anyone’s guess.
    I personally think that the seeds of moral and fiscal corruption have been growing little by little for many years in America, and in the last couple of years have started showing their fruits…reaching maturity, so to speak.
    Obama may have had some good plans, or not, but Judges, Congressmen and Senators will not let him upset their applecart-they simply fight him.
    What is really sad is that there is no way out of this gradual decline of America, not when money is what elects people to govern us.
    So sit back, read a bit about the eclipses of past grand eras (Roman, Greek, Russian, French, etc.), and know that at least, you’re watching History happen with the decline of America.


  4. Christian Champaud says:

    It’s an honour for journalists, and especially for Al Jazeera, to be the target of such a regime.
    As it was for too many regimes in the past.
    You all journalists are working hard in difficult conditions to bring us some knowledge of what is happening there. Thanks to you all.
    Christian Champaud


  5. Don Bacon says:

    Look up Fallujah some time.
    Regarding Libya, the U.S. would call it ‘shock and awe.’ Gaddafi does it and it’s a war crime. Go figure.
    And people are still people whether they are or are not fellow citizens.
    And all war deaths are to be mourned with tears. The smart thing is to avoid being actually in a war if possible. Like be in the U.S. Senate, for example.


  6. Ye Win says:

    The crime against humanity case is getting stronger and stronger to bring the dictator, Gaddafi to the international criminal court.
    He will be the first one first track to the justice. His evidences of his crimes are open to all.He openly give the order in national TV to kill his fellow citizens ruthlessly.He is not reluctant to do those killings and no court in this world need further evidence to prosecute him successfully.
    Now the international bodies must recognize the Libyan Transitional council which in turn could calls the international interventions to stop the Gaddafi`s killing sprees in the towns where the fascist troops kill every moving creatures. If the Gaddafi`s troops enter the Benghazi, the Libyan are almost sure that citizens will be executed in thousands. This is the revenge of the angry dictator. The international bodies and countries must act now before it is too late. We do not want to see another massacre by dictator in 21st century.
    The Libyan lesson will be very good for Burmese dictator and oppressed alike. People power must prevail.
    I am deeply sorry to hear the jounalist`s death. My heart and soul is with Ali Hassan al Jabar and grieving family.


  7. Philip Machanick says:

    The sooner the American people realise that they have been the enemies of freedom in the short-sited pursuit of narrow national interest the better. I’ve been following the Libyan revolution on twitter and Al Jazeera’s web site and there has never been a part of the world with media better placed to change things for the better. I lived through apartheid South Africa and supported the independent media there, and we never had anything like this. On the other hand, the US, which should be the freest society in the world has Fox. Say no more.


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