Talking Dick Cheney, Afghanistan War and Obama’s Israel-Palestine Surprise with Rachel Maddow


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Above clip submitted for your enjoyment. Much going on — tons of media stuff, but really enjoyed this discussion with the turbo-intelligent Rachel Maddow.
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Talking Dick Cheney, Afghanistan War and Obama’s Israel-Palestine Surprise with Rachel Maddow

  1. Kathleen says:

    Great panel on the I/P conflict put together by Mondoweiss and sponsored by many other great groups
    worth the watch and listen
    The Nation has posted a video of the panel we and the Culture Project did a week ago in New York on Gaza and Goldstone– with Naomi Klein, Noura Erakat, Col Desmond Travers of the Goldstone mission (above), and our co-editor Lizzy Ratner. It was a great evening. I’m going to rewatch it myself to mine the treasures. And below are some more faces to put on the names, all photos by Prabhakar Jeff Street: Trudie Styler, Klein, Erakat, and Ratner.


  2. Kathleen says:

    The Cheney book cover is pathetic
    Watching. Will be a huge issue if Rachel Maddow actually talks about the I/P issue at all and will be in shock if she touches it in a fair way. But maybe Steve who claims he has brought this issue up when he has made his rounds on MSNBC. But I have questioned this.
    Rachel may be “turbo intelligent” but she has clearly avoided the I/P issue. Clearly this issue has been off limits for her since the beginning of her show. She has not been brave at all on this issue. And she has often repeated unsubstantiated claims about Iran.
    Her need to beat her chest about the death of Bin Laden etc is often just plain silly. Rachel will come out strong when it comes to human rights issues around gay rights. But Palestinian human rights issues…not at all. She is selective and as much of a hypocrite as any other talking head who claim some moral high ground for human rights.
    Rachel “UM for Americans who UM think of the Israeli Palestinian situation mostly as a metaphor for unsolvable, eternal things. Can you explain sort of the base level importance of what President Obama said today about it” Do not think I have ever heard Rachel say UM
    Steve “hugely important”
    Many experts, analyst, historians do not agree. Many have said that Obama did not say much more than other Presidents have said in the past.
    At the Move over Aipac conference Mearsheimer repeated that he believed because of Israel’s ongoing expansion of illegal settlements the only solution is all ready a one state solution exposing the apartheid situation that is all ready apparent..and becoming more so


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Pepe Escobar…..
    On the absolutely central issue for the Arab word, Obama seemed to demonstrate sound judgment by supporting a two-state solution for Israel/Palestine, based on the 1967 borders, “with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine”. There’s the initial rub to end all rubs; no Israeli government will ever accept this – provided, as Obama hinted, it decides what percentage it wants to keep from those stolen lands.
    Israel never defined its own borders. Since – and even before – 1948 Zionists dream of an Eretz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers. As the Euphrates was, and now more than ever is not in the market, Zionists settled for the whole, former Palestine mandate. That’s the (invisible) meaning of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisting Palestinians must recognize Israel as “the Jewish state”.
    If they did, 1.5 million Palestinians – already infra-citizens in Israel – would be instantly denationalized and expelled en masse to the Palestinian Bantustan configured as the “final solution” to the Zionist “demographic problem”.
    Obama’s set of conditions for the Palestinians sounded like a press release from Tel Aviv; against the reunion between Hamas and Fatah, against the planned Palestinian bid for statehood during the UN General Assembly in September. Nothing on sprawling, already existing settlements in the West Bank, just a call for Israel to cease “settlement activity” (what’s that? A cousin of “kinetic military activity”?) No wonder Israeli media is spinning all this as a Netanyahu victory.
    And when Obama stressed that “endless delay” won’t “make the problem go away” he totally missed the point; it’s by employing “endless delay” tactics that every Israeli government has kept settlement-building on overdrive and totally encircled East Jerusalem, while relentlessly applying a “divide and rule” strategy (pitting Fatah against Hamas) to crush Palestinian morale.
    No flowery rhetoric can conceal that this is all about – what else – “protecting” Israel (mentioned 28 times in the speech). Further factual confirmation this weekend, when Obama addresses the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee bash, and next Monday, when Netanyahu addresses that Tel Aviv talk shop known as the US Congress.


  4. erichwwk says:

    Hmm…. Wow….
    No comments on Rachael’s intro comment on the two photo’s, and whether it was really Dick Cheney who made that announcement?
    Back to OT, open thread discussions? No thoughts on Afghanistan/ Pakistan or what was being discussed here?
    Why? Do we need to create OUR own reality? Can we, sans the soapbox afforded others?
    One place I have been commenting on the Osama execution is at Bill Boyarsky’s Column :
    “Obama Gets No Credit for Courage”


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Or did Obama deliberately advance a “peace proposal” that he knew would be unacceptable to the current Israeli leadership in a manner most likely to anger/humiliate them?”
    Oh, gimmee a break. Netanyahu has been spitting in Obama’s face with impunity for over a year now. Talk about humiliation….
    Israel Announces Major Settlement Expansion in East Jerusalem
    Announcement, Rebuke of Obama Speech Set Tone for Netanyahu Visit
    by Jason Ditz, May 19, 2011
    Within hours of President Obama


  6. paul lukasiak says:

    Steve —
    How much of the reaction to Obama’s I/P proposal was choreographed in advance? Did Team Obama line up some prominent Jewish-American organizations in advance? And given that Netanyahu was scheduled before the speech to meet Obama today, was Netanyahu’s “lecture” just Kabuki? Or did Obama deliberately advance a “peace proposal” that he knew would be unacceptable to the current Israeli leadership in a manner most likely to anger/humiliate them?


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    And, uh, the “vapid binary one side versus another” bit??? Not in evidence??? On MSNBC???
    Oh please.
    Haven’t seen it yet, but I look forward to viewing. Seeing Rachel discuss anything Isr/Pal is certainly an epic occassion. I can only imagine.
    Didn’t happen to mention Christopher Whitman, didcha? Emily???? Tristan???
    No, hmmm, of course not. But I notice ‘ol Bibi managed to work in a coupla “them nasty Palestinian terrorists” bits in his F.U. Obama speech today.
    Seems to me at least once in a great while someone could mention an Israeli atrocity or two when pontificating from the bully pulpit.
    But, my bet??? Theres no such mention between you and the Ms. Maddow, eh? This constant underscoring of Palestinian violence, while ignoring the commonplace violence that the Israeli police, the IDF, and the settlers inflict upon the Palestinians, is despicable.
    Honestly, if I was subjected to what the Palestinians are subjected to, you can bet your a*s I’d be radicalized, and out for blood. Who wouldn’t be?
    And the fact that the lot of you in the public spotlight refuse to make an issue out of the Israelis targeting American citizens that are LEGALLY and PEACEFULLY protesting in the West Bank???
    These are american youngsters, our brethren, acting admirably, the very personification of moral conscience. They deserve better than to be IGNORED. We should be PROUD of these kids.
    Instead, they recieve no mention.
    No restitution.
    No justice.


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