Sunset in Lahaina


Lahaina Sunset Steve Clemons.jpg
Just arrived in Maui after a long trip back from Brasilia through Sao Paulo, Washington Dulles, and Los Angeles. My reward was this magnificent sunset while walking along the main drag in Lahaina.
Will be blogging a bit later on global finance, global governance, and the latest in US-Japan relations.
— Steve Clemons
Update: If you are into sunrises from Maui, this is a moving video clip with some haunting chanting by regular TWN reader Michael Miles.


7 comments on “Sunset in Lahaina

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  3. dbm says:

    Thanks for the offer, Steve. Life and work
    intervened, unfortunately. Hope your vacation here
    is great, and I really enjoy your work. Thanks.


  4. Steven Clemons says:

    dbm — can’t do a group thing today but if you are near the Royal
    Lahaina this morning, happy to meet briefly. Am writing in my
    room — so feel free to call. all best, steve clemons


  5. dbm says:

    I assume you’re on Maui for a vacation. Any chance
    of a coffee-house meet-up while you’re on-island? I
    know there would be some interest.


  6. Mike Milton says:

    Wonderful, serene, contemplative – take a pause and enjoy


  7. dckrl says:

    Have a wonderful time out there. And don’t go to Mt. Haleakala for a sunrise. Go there in the evening, till it’s dark and all the other tourists are gone. The most amazing solitude, utterly quiet save the wind noise, a hundred-miles view in every direction, a majestic Milky Way, and stroboscopic lights of Australia-bound jetliners so bright they make one turn looking for one’s own nightly shadow.


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