STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Ron Suskind on America’s Loss of Moral Mantle


3:30 pm EST today, I am hosting journalist and author Ron Suskind who will discuss his book, The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism.
It will stream live in the box above.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Ron Suskind on America’s Loss of Moral Mantle

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    It just occurred to me, considering what Steve calls the “moral mantle”, that for a long time, we’ve possessed it in name only.
    It seems to me that George Bush’s presidency did for the United States exactly what Steve feels Netanyahu can do for Israel.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    Additionally, the retirement age should be lowered to 60. It should technically be down to 55 for retirement in certain fields of work, and/or for certain medical considerations.
    That’s a lot of capital you can put back into the economy. This can be phased into being as well, the jobs those earlier retireees vacate will create a void for demand to fill. You’ve essentially created jobs and still diversified the overall economy.
    Many people wonder why the stimulus package isn’t going to taxpayers on the whole once again? Is our tax money too good for us? Which CEO or Bank should we have to be indebted the money? Isn’t that double jeapordy?
    Could a person who had their tax money loaned to an institution sue it for any upcharges? Isn’t that usury placing two fees on one transaction?
    You realize what kind of quagmire this precedent has invited?


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Sorry to have missed this conversation.
    Radical restructuring of the economy must done soon, before momentum for change evaporates(big media is already trying its best to do that).
    Europe has handled some of the economic challenges for scale economies in transition phases much better than we have.
    The key is in having pay scales and work hours reflect the effeciency trends of improved productivity.
    Raise the wage scale. This will expand the revenue base while allowing marginal tax cuts. It worked when Bill Clinton was President.
    Start overtime at 32 hours, this will add more value atop the economy for those who work more hours. This will make employers expand exisiting payrolls. More workers mean and addition in contribution based benefits.
    By increasing the pool of taxable earnings, and putting money out there in the form of wages, more transactions will occur in public and proivate sectors. Even horizontal asset transfer produces activity, which spurs growth.
    Tax cuts for billionaires, stagnant wages, this is the root of the capital crisis that now has undermined currency. Systemic shortfalls cannot be fixed by throwing money at them. Put the money in the hands of consumers and workers.
    You want to show actual job creation here. No more using the inflated job rolls of Iraq rebuilding for New Bridge Strategies and warlord buyout money for Afghanistan as part of our jobs report.
    End the fuzzy math of Bushco. ‘s days of constant tweaks to how we measure economic health. Unless people see how bad the picture really is they are not going to take the steps needed to address it.
    He may be gone but his poor methods of management overshadow the current model of how we frame all conversations upon the economy. The assumptions put in place by the media enablers continue our downward spiral.
    The pay scale restructuring may need to be done slowly. We can provide windows to it that allow small business better competitive opportunity. Most family owned businesses feature more involved worker particpation.
    They have more on the line, work more for it, and can get waivers or deferments that afford compensation across deferment pay scales.
    That way we can ease into the transitional phase, but not for franchise outlets. We don’t want every McDonalds getting to waive this, etc.
    Make it some kind of business that operates past the scope of retail. Businesses the do trade work, installation, etc.
    Doing so at a time of 2 hours per quarter can also decelerate impact concerns and match the output to revenue streams.
    There are not enough jobs in America to employ everyone 40 hours. There are many people working 2-3 jobs now and this reduction allows them to maximize said participation for each. The extra spare time could go to family values, and visiting doctors for health care, and even discretionary spending that results improvements in wage earning.
    This can work. Wal Mart built an empire doing this. Aiming to employ some below the 40 hour limit and coaching workers to sign onto government entitlement programs, in order to subsidize its own obligations for benefits to those employees.
    Reduced hours are a necessity for service sector work. It takes far more energy in those professions. We’ve been in scale transition to a service economy. The EU has gone ahead of us in essence with how it tries to approach this challenge.
    Apologies for any typos, my browser app for another item prohibits spellchack use without a re-install.


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