STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Ted Widmer Explicates the 400 Year Roots of American Foreign Policy


One of the smartest people — and most pleasant public intellectuals — I know is Ted Widmer, who was one of Bill Clinton’s speech writers and was a key aide to Clinton in writing his memoir, My Life.
Today, at 12:15 pm EST, I will STREAM LIVE Widmer’s talk about the roots and contours of American foreign policy that he discusses in his new book Ark of the Liberties: America and the World.
Widmer will address the early millennial religious ideologies that played heavily in the formation of America’s perceptions of itself and place in history. He will talk about the fusion of this millennial fervor with nationalist sentiments that manifested themselves in the American Revolution and then such movements as Manifest Destiny — and hopefully, he’ll discuss the gap that so often has existed between America’s professed ideals and its often contradictory behavior.
I’ll be chairing the meeting and hope you find Widmer’s work as fascinating as I do. Ted Widmer, besides serving as a Senior Research Fellow in the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program, is Director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Ted Widmer Explicates the 400 Year Roots of American Foreign Policy

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    My town was founded by an ancestor of bill Clinton’s birth name.
    Rev.H.T. Blythe was a founder, a believer, in many institutions:
    He built the first church in town, “a landmark of Methodism.” Certified to preach in 1862.
    He was a charter member of the Chickasaw Lodge.
    He was the first postmaster of the state.
    He was elected to the Arkansas assembly(late 1800’s).
    The park by our library has a monument to him and his own monument to his wife who preceded him in death. From the archives room that overlooks this a forlorn picture of the minister stares forward to this future time.
    The bulldog smiles as we stop and I read its words.
    In an era of identity politics, with outcomes predecided, in a charade of political theater and agitprop, you’d be advised to attach to an above institution.
    Religious and educational devotion, community groups, civil and state service in government.
    Those efforts will reap better result than any hope that DC will ever change….


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