STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Sidney Blumenthal on the Demise of the Republican Party


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Recently, I hosted Grover Norquist speaking about the Republican party and conservative movement, and indirectly what he saw as the continued constraints on Democrats.
Today, Sidney Blumenthal — one of the most insiderish of insiders in HillaryLand — will speak about his new book The Strange Death of Republican America: Chronicles of a Collapsing Party at the New America Foundation from 12:15 pm – 1:45 pm EST. The meeting at New America is titled “Did America Shift Too Far to the Right?

I will moderate and Michael Lind will offer comments. The meeting will STREAM LIVE over The Washington Note.
As I watched the Patrick Fitzgerald investigation of the White House personalities who outed the covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson’s identity and observed Bush’s (now seemingly feigned) shock that this happened under his watch — I became interested in the question of how presidential advisers concoct presidential deniability for key decisions and for knowledge about controversial matters.
Sidney Blumenthal knows this kind of thing — both about the Republican political operation and perhaps even about his former boss, Bill Clinton. But the real interest I have is how he frames the troubles of the Republican Party today. Feel free to join us.
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “STREAMING LIVE TODAY: Sidney Blumenthal on the Demise of the Republican Party

  1. Paul Norheim says:

    Just joking, Mr.Murder.
    On topic or off topic? I`ve been off topic several times.
    But I could not resist a little joke after 8 murderous comments in
    a row.
    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    Outside of the second comment everything was relevant to Sidney’s being on the discussion.
    Joint training will be where we shape the sectors needed to intercept actual threats overseas. It worked magnificently when Amb.Wilson was helping with the African affairs bureau of State for operation Mockingbird. That’s why it got the initial post.
    The second post higlights some of the Clinton policy as it applied to the state he was Gov. in, and how that same model will have to apply overall since American capital is challenged at this time by the deficit and we need to overhaul productive capacity with the help of foreign underwriting.
    Comments 3,5,7 and 8 all are replies to the ongoing discussion Steve hosted.
    His book argues the GOP is dead, one listen to the Democratic front runner’s campaign and the expected platform that will dilute party pillar positions indicates the GOP simply changed party affiliations. This cannot denied when one looks at the tax rate for the top brackets.
    Talk about Cheney deserved some historical background reference that goes unaddressed.
    The fact remains that the VP is at best willfully obtuse in his lying and lack of transparency. Drastic measures are solved by drastic means. SAince he uses President of the Senate claims to hide from oversight in accordance with executive privilege, the sitting Pro Tem needs excercise the same claims to open the record when Cheney is not physically overseeing the Senate’s business in person.
    All topics that were relevant to discussion.
    While we talked, the Dow tanked(expected) despite a billions bailout of private lenders using taxpayer monies.
    Sidney talked of how poorly Dubya polled before 9-11 so I made a joke of the Bushism that was used after that time. The fact Dubya had the lowest historical approval ratings of the last four Presidents before 9-11 is simply evidence that he was never fit for the office. The United States of Amnesia was apparently wanting to forget the look of a face that was wearing dirty diapers in the Dade Co. classroom being handled poorly and not told it was time to change pants and be C-in-C, something that was overdone after the fact, serious compensation issues at play the entire time.
    Explaineing Democrat complacency is actually simple. They were supposed to just go along with Shrubya on the tax cut, fattening their own wallets as well, creating the permanent ruling class on the money coming back,and then take Congress back at the two year point and clean up another Bush WH one term mess.
    Then Aug.6th changed everything….
    who could have imagined?
    Since nothing’s been done to responsibly address AWOL’s worst Presidency ever, one can only assume that motivations along the lines of survival instinct apply. Self preservation, and all that.
    There’s enough to indicate as much. Votes with the PR lies such as NCLB, freezers full of cash, going along with the DeLay Congress’ lack of oversight, letting public trusts get looted in market scandals.
    The Ugly American is home. You are one. Our King select wears no clothes. We are all a part of this, on the day a real King’s Dream Speech will be used as adornment, no American politican marched on our capital to stop this macabre dog and pony show. Thus, we wear the same crown, the same hating hat, that Dubya does.
    An online friend would call him George W. Hoover, but he’s given that up now. That would seriously disrespect Hoover, who actually made a name for himself relieving flooded Americans in a disaster. Just because he let robber barons run the treasury broke and had the market implode with deregulation doesn’t mean he was the same as the Commander in Cactus League.


  3. Paul Norheim says:

    if you look above, there are no less than 8 comments signed
    Mr.Murder in a row (not the first time this have happened, BTW).
    My comment was intended as an ironic joke regarding that fact.
    Anyway, it`s not a big deal.
    And seriously: I certainly distinguish between you, WigWag and
    questions, and do not believe in a neocon/zionist conspiracy at


  4. Sweetness says:

    Does it really matter? Just judge each comment based on its
    content–whether you think it’s valid or not. For the record, I’m
    not Wig or Questions–but why anyone would care is beyond me.
    And if we/I WERE trying to destroy the comments section, I/We
    have done a pretty bad job of it.


  5. Paul Norheim says:

    Some commentators have speculated whether WigWag & question
    & sweetness & Ironbelle actually is one person, hiding behind
    several monikers in a neocon/zionist conspiracy to destroy the
    comments at TWN.
    My personal paranoia goes in a different direction. I would say
    it`s time to ask whether the ubiquitous Mr.Murder is one person,
    or actually a whole community of commentators hiding behind
    this rather frightening moniker?


  6. Mr.Murder says:

    Why were Democrats complacent?
    Freezers full of cash. Getting in on the initial tax cuts. Voting through pork such as NCLB. The DC Madam’s potential becoming a star witness at the time.
    Self preservation remains the prime motivator.
    There’s no coming mandate because of the purposeful obtuseness the Democrat front runner wields. It has left that issue unaddressed.


  7. Mr.Murder says:

    Have we forgot about Poll Land, Sidney?


  8. Mr.Murder says:

    Dow is down 121 pts, why can’t you guys talk about the positives?
    Fresh paint for Iraqi schools, not falling bridges!


  9. Mr.Murder says:

    Congress can challenge the Unitary Executive in its own right. Unless the VP is in person at the Senate, others end up filling the position of Senate President. They can challenge the standing against transparency with the same level of authority he does under the vague interpretation he claims.
    He assumes implied powers not stated, they should do the same thing.


  10. Mr.Murder says:

    Michael Sheldon Cheney was the first ever PR director for ARAMCO.
    He worked in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of oil production. He was in FDR’s ear for lend lease items all during WWII, knowing this capital infusion would cement the USA’s dominance of access to crude oil.
    Any relation?


  11. Mr.Murder says:

    The GOP did not collapse. It hijacked the electoral process via Diebold. Look at the caucuse states. They threw their weight behind the candidate that is least likely to get traditional GOP support on the other party’s ticket. This as a way of increasing their own odds of winning the top ticket or maintaing some ground on downticket collateral results.
    One person, one vote, is way past the event horizon of this coming electoral stage show.


  12. Mr.Murder says:

    Called to my Rep. office, asking them to fast track leasing rights adjacent a neihgboring state that happens to be slant drilling shale depsoits for natural gas.
    It is projected to be the largest natural gas resevoir in America. We shouldn’t miss out on the profits of this resource as it could be feeding from deposits of a dome structure under our state soil.
    So, fast tracked wells adjacent theirs on our border should be allowed. An incentive could be added, not a true tax cut, just a amjor deferment that could allow a well’s cost to hit to be minimized until it is fully online producing and the money starts rolling in.
    My Rep.’s district is the largest line item supplier in the nation for well infrastructure. It would bring extra business here and we’re already pegged out at the plants running. Lots of foreign money bought into this production capacity.
    Gov.Bill Clinton set the stage for this to happen just before becoming President, with the establishment of Nucor Yamato steel mill(beams) and its sister coil plant Nucor Hickman.
    BRAC had been done, our air base was being downscaled for closing already. It brought a lot of money back here with Clinton’s ability to attract foreign capital into creating American jobs. Something now being done across the board.


  13. Mr.Murder says:

    Joint training’s role in enabling low level conflict support and emergency deployment to other regions from which training occurs.
    It boosts host countries, their regional influence and their own leadership’s domestic profile. It provides clear interoperative ability in cases of emergency relief and even police actions in political hot spots.
    This is the new role our military must take in concert with ranking senior and deputy diplomatic experience.


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