Steve Clemons: Checking In From Juneau


I just got through my first read of the outstanding roster of diverse and provocative posts that TWN‘s guest bloggers have posted this week. Thanks to all of them who have posted and to the many others who will cover the rest of the week and weekend.
Thanks as well to Dave Meyer who has upgraded my blog software apparently and installed an anti-spam function that will frustrate the gambling and pornography hawkers. My guess is that the “extra step” involved in posting comments allows people to remain anonymous — so look forward to reading your comments as well.
I just learned that Zarqawi was killed — and was watching a short bit of the news coverage last night and this morning. This is important symbolically and substantively — but one thing that Nir Rosen and Fawaz Gerges emphasized when I was with them in Florence was that Zarqawi’s jihadists represented only a very small fraction of the insurgency in Iraq. Most of what is going on there is home-grown and not imported.
I went on a nice run through Juneau, Alaska this morning — and stopped by to visit the offices of the Alaska Permanent Fund sweating and in shorts and running garb. They were very hospitable.
Have to head out — but thanks to all for their support of The Washington Note this week I’ve been away and largely unconnected.
More later.

— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Steve Clemons: Checking In From Juneau

  1. Hydrocodone says:

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  2. richard power says:

    Steve has raised the one of the key points about Zarqawi. His jihadists are only a small fraction of the insurgency, and just as Bin Laden was not welcome in Saddam Hussein’s world, Zarqawi’s men were not welcome among most of the factions. Remember when they said oh the violence will decrease now that we have captured Saddam Hussein? The other key point, of course, is that the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal was given a clear shot at Zarqawi prior to the invasion and occupation. But they did not take it, because they did not want to risk upsetting the timeline for their foolish military adventure.


  3. jennifer says:

    steve, I live in Alaska, just outside of Anchorage. If you need a hookup on some great fishing like the Kenai or Kasiloff, get back to me. A very good friend is a guide and it would be great to hang out and catch some elvis (King Salmon), and talk some trash. Take Care and have a great time in the Last Frontier.


  4. MNPundit says:

    Steve, these posts are coming too fast. They’re burrying each other, tell your replacements to slow down!


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