Senate Voting on Cloture to Move to Iraq Surge Resolution


Cloture Vote to move to consideration of Iraq Surge Resolution fails in 56-34 vote, in which 60 votes were needed.
The Senate vote on cloture to move to consideration of the House Resolution opposing the President’s escalation of troop deployments in Iraq is taking place now just took place.
Of note, Senators Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Norm Coleman have voted in favor of cloture.
Senator Lieberman has voted to oppose.
— Steve Clemons
Updates: Senators John Warner, Gordon Smith and Arlen Specter have also voted in favor of cloture.
Senator George Voinovich has voted against cloture (I think) — a bit of a disappointment since he signed the rebel letter with Hagel and Snowe and others.
Seven Republicans are reported to have voted in favor of cloture so as to move to the Iraq Surge Resolution.
The resolution failed to get the needed 60 votes — and secured 56 in favor and 34 opposed.
Now the Senate is voting on the motion to adjourn for recess, which Senators Hagel and Snowe oppose.
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “Senate Voting on Cloture to Move to Iraq Surge Resolution

  1. dalivision says:

    Does this mean that we will really have a 50-50 Senate with Lieberman now a Republican?


  2. CheckingIn says:

    Now the republicans who voted not to have a debate on the escalation will return home and hopefully get an earfull from their constituents. I can live in hope.


  3. ET says:

    Well, sometimes it’s Jazz and sometimes it’s Bush on Iranian weapons in Iraq. I think the NYT video feed shifts, but my opinion of President War Mouth stands.
    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.


  4. ET says:

    The NYT video cited above has been changed to a Jazz piece.
    This is a slice of the Bush press conference, but a different segment.


  5. ET says:

    Following are my comments on the NYT video, Bush: Iranian Weapons in Iraq
    President War Mouth
    Given that the security of our American soldiers in Iraq should be the top priority of the Commander in Chief, it is the height of irresponsibility for him to emit this bellicosity before internationally public microphones. His clear aim, at this hour, is to politically manipulate America’s perception of Iran. Via his toxic mouth, he seeks to infect us with yet another psychic epidemic of fear, and thereby multiply another war.
    His medical team should immediately offer him a muzzle and show him to a cell adjoining that of the eminent duck-hunter and wit, Dick Halliburton.


  6. Pissed Off American says:

    Meanwhile, everyday the deaths pile up. Political manuevering, posturing, empty rhetoric and finger pointing, the exact kind of congressional and senatorial behaviour that got this nation to the low point it now finds itself.
    600,000 dead Iraqis and counting. Over 3000 dead American soldiers. Hundreds of dead contractors. An environment destroyed with deadly DU dust. An infrastructure razed. Billions gone missing and stolen, and hundreds of billions more squandered on a foreign policy nightmare launched on lies. And these fuckers in Washington cannot even frame the basis for a true debate on how best to extricate ourselves from this quagmire. And throughout it all, the same stale old lies being bandied about our reasons for invading, and our reasons for stayting. And no accountability for any of it.
    Think the grunts on the ground in Iraq would like a “recess”? Think the inhabitants of Bagdad would like a “recess”?
    Our government has become a loathsome and despicable sham, worthy only of our disgust.


  7. NCProsecutor says:

    Wait, Steve, you say it’s a *disappointment* that Senator Voinovich voted against cloture? A disappointment? I thought you’d described him as a hero, a samurai, a ronin for just the exact same vote a week ago. What’s the deal?
    Was one week of meaningless posturing and letter-writing enough to transform a vote against cloture from a heroic move (a week ago) to a disappointment (today)? Please, Steve, help us understand.


  8. David N says:

    If all Democrats voted for cloture, plus 7 Republicans, that adds up to 57, yet the vote was 56.
    Lieberman excluded, as he should be.
    What about Johnson (SD)? Did he get wheeled onto the floor?
    Which Democrat voted against his leaders and the troops?


  9. David N says:

    More information, please. If 7 Republicans voted for Cloture, then which Democrat voted against it?
    If all Dems voted for cloture, and 7 Reps, that makes 57. Liebermann excluded, as he should be, of course.


  10. NCProsecutor says:

    So, Steve, I’m confused — are the Republicans who voted for cloture still heroes? If so, they were heroes for voting against it last week, and now they’re heroes for votng for it?
    Please help a poor country lawyer understand.


  11. bAkho says:

    Note that McCain again voted to keep our troops in Iraq for another decade.
    Franken should provide considerable well-funded challenge to Coleman. Coleman cannot move away from Iraq policy fast enough. Coleman is on the wrong side of a host of populist domestic issues that will make his re-election problematic.


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