Sameer Lalwani Joining <em>TWN</em> Blogging Team


sameer.jpgWe are expanding our team. Sameer Lalwani will be joining us as a regular commentator at the The Washington Note.
Sameer is a policy analyst with the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program concentrating on the geopolitics of the Middle East and South Asia.
Prior to joining the American Strategy Program, Lalwani worked at the Center for South Asia Studies and before that as a research assistant for Professor Kiren Chaudhry of the University of California, Berkeley. He is a contributor to the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy blog and wrote for TPM Cafe‘s now successfully defunct Bolton Watch.
He is also obsessed with softball and has enjoyed destroying a couple of the administration’s ball teams — as well as pulling ahead in a squeaker against the Carnegie Endowment.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Sameer Lalwani Joining <em>TWN</em> Blogging Team

  1. Deepka says:

    What a surprise!
    Not you writing a blog but Me reading a blog- Yours.
    sarah B. told me about it.
    Proud of you


  2. Sandy says:

    Welcome, Sameer! Looking forward to hearing more from you.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    That should have said, “rule” of law. But hey, you’re a bright guy, apparently. You get my point.
    I hope.
    Then again, maybe not. There seems to be a contagious brain disease afflicting the nation’s think tanks. It attacks an individual’s ability to assign priorities.
    The good news is you guys blocked Bolton from doing more damage. The bad news is we no longer have a representative government.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    So what do you think, Sameer? Is “foreign policy” going to be relevent to the average American after we get through completely exempting our leaders from the ruler of law?


  5. Jeff Dexter says:

    I want to congratulate my fellow YPFP member. Your posts on the YPFP Blog deserved a wider audience and now you will have that opportunity. I look forward to reading your future posts.


  6. blogwonk says:

    Sameer, you are working with one of the best insiders in Washington. Congratulations, but don’t play it safe.
    Clemons moves people and policy and is addicted to “winning.” Even those who criticize him on this blog respect what this guy pulls off.


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