Saddam Hussein to be Executed Shortly


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It has been a long time since America has had such a direct hand in the execution of a former head-of-state.
Hussein is was a thug, but this has not been handled right.
The former leader should have been tried at the Hague — with a lot of distance between the U.S. and the process there. Now he will die and could very well be a martyr that further stresses the divide between Sunni and Shiites — as well as a martyr for those who oppose American occupation of Iraq.
The other missed opportunity here is that despite Hussein receiving the death penalty for high crimes, the Shiite majority might have sought some way to commute the sentence to life as a gesture of reconciliation with the Iraq Sunni population. Won’t happen.
My friend and colleague Nir Rosen stopped by tonight and told me that he thought that Hussein’s death would be a minor matter for Sunnis who will be relieved to be rid of him so that those who feel the brunt of their insurgency and opposition to American occupation will know that it has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein.
I still think that the wobbly government may get more wobbly still.
More later.

— Steve Clemons


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  1. pauline says:

    Editorial 01/01/2007
    Execution Video Meant to Cause Shia-Sunni Conflict
    The leaking of the videotape showing hanging of Saddam and the dialogue that was exchanged between Saddam and his executioners who were handpicked by Americans, and the subsequent planting of stories in mainstream media that Saddam’s hanging will be seen by Shias as a welcome sacrifice on one of the Holiest days of Islam was deliberate and meant to create a backlash amongst Muslims and provoke Shia-Sunni conflict in the Muslim world.
    Americans have perfected the art of movies in which actors act out the pre-scripted scenarios and dialogues. Scenarios and dialogues which will have a certain impact on the minds of the audience.
    Saddam was in American custody from the moment he was caught, his trial was an American trial, and his execution was carried out under American supervision. The puppet Maliki government had no say at all in this and as all puppets do, he had to go along with whatever was dictated by the Americans
    The selection of the day of Eid-ul-Adha for hanging, the videoing, the pre-scripted �taunts� by hired hangmen, and the release of the video had the goal of creating a division between Shia and Sunni, and angering the Muslim youth in Europe and elsewhere.
    Americans want to get rid of Moqtada Sadr, who stands in their way of the puppet Iraqi parliament passing a new law that would allow American oil companies to take over Iraqi oil wealth. What a better way to do that then to get the Sunni resistance in Iraq to turn their guns on Moqtada Sadr instead of fighting against the American occupiers. The actors who were given the script to shout �Moqtada, Moqtada, Moqtada� to Saddam during his hanging was to incite Sunni feelings against the Shia, to show that the hanging was an act of Shia vengeance against the Sunni Saddam.
    The second reaction that they wanted to achieve was for Muslim youth in Europe and elsewhere to resort to acts of terror. Americans know that Muslim youth is angry and many of them will be outraged and chatter about revenge,because chatter is all they have been doing, America and Britain need Muslim “terrorists” for their �war on terror� actually to justify their occupation of Muslim lands and stealing the resources and to keep Europeans and Americans united in the Crusade against Islam and Muslims.
    Muslims must not fall into this trap and avoid sectarian violence and acts of revenge. Bush and Blair are like Satan who thrives on evil. Indeed Bush and Blair need terrorism to justify their being in power and keep the European and American masses from finding out that they themselves are enslaved by the ruling elites, the church of Satan and the blood sucking corporations.


  2. Den Valdron says:

    ROTFL, Robert Morrow. Sure, pull out of the United Nations and end whatever shred of credibility you’ve got left.
    Then wait and see, the next time you meddle in Haiti, or Africa, or Central America… and suddenly you’re up against a UN peacekeeping force of half a million chinese with european air support.
    And let’s wait and see what happens to all those American bases when the world finally realizes that your treaties aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.
    And I can’t wait to see what toilet your economy goes into.


  3. billy says:

    Mr. Robert Morrow, sir!
    I will back your illustrious efforts for making withdrawl of the U S of A from the United Nations the number one priority immediately after Bush is given a fair and proper trial for allegations of crimes against humanity, sir!
    Once we get that out of the way and show the world once and for all with resounding firmness that we need no stinking Hague, no stinking UN, and that we mete out our own justice without any need for outside interference which we, the home of the free and the brave (even brave enough to try our own highest governmental official and hang him if justice warrants it),abhor as a nation of free peoples, THEN the time will be ripe to free ourselves from the opinions of others and do as we damn well please; for then we will be riding mighty high in worldly respect showing that no man is above the law in this the Greatest Country Ever in the World!
    God Bless America!
    God Bless You, Robert Morrow, sir!


  4. Pissed Off American says:

    “So, billy, do you join with me in calling for the USA to WITHDRAW from the United Nations and let Americans settle our differences in a democratic way as well as preserve our national sovereignty?”
    Posted by Robert Morrow
    Hey, you gonna get Israel’s permission first? “Sovereignity”, my ass.
    And who the fuck are you, under this treasonous administration, to talk of democracy and constitutional law? This administration wipes its ass with our constitution.
    Morrow, you’re an asshole.


  5. Robert Morrow says:

    Hey, billy, we agree to a certain extent. If George Bush or Hillary Clinton is a criminal, it is up to AMERICANS to decide that through our CONSTITUTIONAL process. The Hague and the United Nations madhouse is a cancer on republicans and is in direct opposition to US national sovereignty. So, billy, do you join with me in calling for the USA to WITHDRAW from the United Nations and let Americans settle our differences in a democratic way as well as preserve our national sovereignty?


  6. Hedley Lamarr says:

    How differently the various bad guys of history are treated! Think of Pinochet, Marcos, and the sundry caudillos of Latin Amereica. Most are allowed to loot and rape their respective countries at will and get away with it. Marcos is a good example for his gentle treatment upon leaving office. A dawn hanging is shabby.


  7. ... says:

    rah rah amerika and to hell with everyone else on the planet, the hague and the un… that is what i get from morrow and billys posts.. great thinking guys! keep on screwing the rest of the world and see where it gets ya.


  8. rich says:

    I think Nir Rosen is right.
    The Sunni insurgency has been consistently characterized by US & US media as Baathist “dead-enders,” “holdouts,” “Saddam loyalists,” etc.
    They’re not fighting for Saddam, they’re fighting for Iraq.
    Doesn’t preclude your thoughts, of course, which I agree with.


  9. billy says:

    I’m with Robert Morrow on this.
    We Americans should not have to resort to the Hague for our trials. Bush must be tried in the United States of America where it can truly be judged whether he, as some say, deceived our country into an unnecessary, illegal, and immoral war of aggression on Iraq that has resulted in the needless deaths of 150,000+, plus one tin pot dictator.
    If found guilty, well, I guess he needs, he needs, well, I guess, he needs to be, I guess, uh ……. punished.
    But he won’t be found guilty ’cause he didn’t do it! …. Right, Bobby Mo’ ?


  10. rich says:

    For a native’s take on Saddam’s hanging, Riverbend has returned from who-knows-where to make a few end-of-year posts. She’s been disappearing for long unexpained stretches …
    Interesting on the tube just now they were listing attributes of “the other Saddam”–‘the Saddam who brought literacy, women’s rights, Western-style judicial processes, health care, a diversified economy, modernization, and a moderate Islamic culture to Iraq.’ I kid you not. Pretty much exactly what the news-reader just said. Little late . ..
    Didn’t say much about his close working relationship with Bush I and Rumsfeld.


  11. Dennis says:

    At one time in my life, I was a conservative. But, I’ve now lived long enough to know that my corporate owned government is corrupt to the core and the members of Congress look the other way when its members and the White House commit crimes – unless that crime (like Richard Nixon) will bring down the country.
    In the meantime our corporate media feed the American people a steady stream of “go fight for your country” when what the fight is really all about is “go protect the profits of American multi-national corporations.
    Although they can’t do much about it, yet, the American people are catching on and that is what Homeland Security is as much about as anything else. The corporations and the American government fear the American people.
    Henry Kissinger cannot go into certain places out of this country for fear of arrest for war crimes. And no one should be surprised if one day that happens to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
    Saddam is now dead (I just read that) and GWB has stirred up a hornet nest that will affect all Americans and make it unsafe for traveling out of this country for years to come. (Interesting too, that it comes at the same time as the funeral(s) of Gerald Ford).
    No one should be surprise (should the idea pop into his head) if Bush makes another “military” landing on an aircraft carrier and stands again before the banner that read,” Mission Accomplished”.
    But we don’t expect better from a lunatic.


  12. Dumass says:

    Re Saddam being found guilt and executed, rather than being a unifying event this will exacerbated tensions in the country. OK, while Saddam reserved most of his venom for the Shia and the Kurds, he also killed **many** Sunnis (including blood and legal relatives…). Surely, given all the people he had killed over the past two decades,it should have been possible to have a trial where he would be held accountable for the deaths of Sunnis, Shia, and Kurds? In which case a guilty verdict could not be cast as Shia triumphalism over the Sunni, but might even be a unifying event…


  13. ken melvin says:

    Ignorance and barbarity abide one another.



    Sad-dum is no more thuggish and/or undesirable as a head of state than Bush/Cheney et al. He deserved to be prosecuted and punished for his crimes against humanity just as Bush/Cheney et al deserve the same.
    And as there was a world-wide outcry with the invasion of Iraq, there will be another backlash after Sad-dum is hanged.
    International demands for the prosecution of Bush/Cheney are legitimate and should not be ignored by anyone in Congress.
    However, removing those two bums from office is not enough. They should be put on trial in an international court for their crimes.
    And after a trial, if they are ordered hanged, the world will be rid of two more criminals who refused to value the lives of thousands upon thousands of Iraqis.
    Are Bush/Cheney’s crimes worse than Sad-dums? In my opinion they equal if not surpass them in all respects.
    Judith Haney


  15. Robert Morrow says:

    Saddam should be tried at the Hague. Who cares about the Hague? I don’t. That place can rot and the sooner the better. Who elected the Hague? No one. It’s just a plaything for unelected international elites, 1/2 of whom come from 3rd world cesspool dictatorships. That is the legitimacy – really, non-legitimacy – of the Hague.
    I speak for millions of Americans, certainly tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of Americans who think the United Nations and anything related to it is an America hating madhouse. Do anyone see any real grassroots support for the UN and the Hague? I don’t. I do see the elites of both political parties from Bush to George Soros who think it is really a swell place.
    Reminds me of all these “Save Darfur” ads. All that is is propaganda from the UN lovers trying to get “legitimacy” and a bigger army for the anti-American UN madhouse.
    One can’t be pro-UN and pro-USA at the same time. More importantly, one can’t be pro-UN and pro democracy and pro republicanism at the same time. May all kings and queens and dictators and potentates and UN bureaucrats see the end they deserve. A toasty one.


  16. ... says:

    i don’t think the bush admin wanted to give any legitimacy to the hague, or any other world body for that matter, as it would be conceeding too much( they might themselves be tried), but i agree with you 100% it would have been the best path to implimenting saddams fate.


  17. Dennis says:

    As much as for war crimes, Saddam will be hanged because he knows too much. And of what value is a U.S. judge for an appeal?


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