Russian Military Fashion Show


Russian Military Uniform Fashion Show.jpg
Check out this Russian military uniform fashion show. Sharp outfits.
Will post-DADT Pentagon follow suit? Let’s hope so.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. questions says:

    Interesting look at SoSec’s regressive nature, a variety of economic myths regarding taxation, and a Modern Monetary Theory look at government “debt” given that the government can simply print more money at will.
    The comments are very good, as well. The authors engage, defend, and refine.


  2. Hasburgh says:

    I can hear The Village People!


  3. questions says:

    A couple of fascinating looks at how small pieces of our national pie affect the pie as a whole…. Both found via nakedcapitalism”
    Small businesses rely on home equity loans for capital, and when that isn’t available, the business owners cannot weather downturns.
    A deal in the Ill. Constitution regarding taxes and spending has set up the framework for vast corruption:
    Unintended consequences of conservative budgeting and the clever workarounds people come up with. And the resultant corruption.
    It would be nice if we were better at thinking through the broad array of incentives and connections among the parts and pieces of our polity.


  4. Christmas Deals says:

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  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve, I’m not “miffed”. I’m just kinda blown away.
    I get it. I know how much this means to you.
    What I DON’T get is how you can fail to see how this kind of commentary plays right into the hands of those who oppose you and your sexual orientation. You really don’t see how this kind of commentary will be “Oh look, we were right, now that gay crowd even wants the Pentagon to put on fashion shows, of all things”.
    Man, being giddy with a sense of accomplishment is perfectly understandable. But being giddy to the point your elation is not allowing you to think things through may be a bit self defeating. This type of commentary is just giving your detracters amunition. And it ain’t all that far in the future that THEY are going to have the power.
    It ain’t a done deal yet, brother. And you’ve got a real coward with his hands on the steering wheel. “Push back” ain’t in his character, and there are some mighty heavy hitters coming into power that are going to try to undo this thing.
    Think, man.


  6. John Waring says:

    There is no uniform on the face of the earth better looking the the Marine Corps dress blues.


  7. questions says:

    And this is a must-read response to Mark Lilla’s (?NYT???) piece (is that where I saw it??)
    Complete with a graph!
    Seems to me that the public mood generally favors the gov as an actor, and even when it trends down from liberal highs, it doesn’t seem to cross the 50% threshold particularly often. Hmmm.


  8. questions says:

    A nice post on why people hate Congress… via Jonathan Bernstein:
    Geographically concentrated benefits, diffuse costs — seems rational enough — but it generates resentment. Even when the costs are small (pennies a month or whatever), we get pissed at having to pay for things we don’t directly benefit from.
    The author finds this to be something of a structural problem.
    I think that one of the clear solutions is… earmarks! And what is Congress doing about those…. If enough places get them, and the MCs stop using the talking point, and instead point out national pride issues, maybe we’d all like the institution a little more. But there’s odd gaming going on as it’s in the interests of individual MCs to run against Congress while salivating at the thought of being in and of Congress!
    Another thing that would help is something like higher trust across our high diversity society– but with Haley Barbour’s defense of the things Haley Barbour defends (ahem, see TPM today), this one isn’t going to go far either.
    Until we stop cutting noses to spite faces, we’re going to have problems.


  9. DakotabornKansan says:

    “Will post-DADT Pentagon follow suit? Let’s hope so”
    DADT repeal opponents will no doubt be impressed.
    They are taking their revenge on Russian Arms/START treaty.


  10. sanitychecker says:

    $10K male thongs? I thought the big thing in US military fashion was naked male bodies with hoods, electric cords, leashes, and shit all over them!
    Or have they moved on to the plastic bag mask filled with water? Hard to keep up.


  11. Steve Clemons says:

    POA — sorry you are miffed. DADT and repealing this bigoted legal framework may not be high on your list given the many other challenges out there, but it was on mine. This is something friends of mine and I have been working on for years — not just in the last several days. It’s a big jump forward on something I think is good for the country. all best, steve


  12. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Have we ENTERED the age of the ten thousand dollar male thong?”


  13. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Will post-DADT Pentagon follow suit? Let’s hope so”
    This one leaves me speechless, Steve.
    The sexual orientation issue seems to have become an obsession with you these last coupla days. Thats great, but to be honest, it really underscores how the pressing issues that are unfolding, being lied about, and bankrupting ALL of our society, (hetero and gay alike), are being ignored or marginalized.
    The fuckin’ news, ain’t. We are consigned to surfing the net to find anything resembling truth. Military fashion shows aren’t exactly high on anyone’s list of priorities right now. Or, I guess I should just speak for myself, but I just can’t get excited about this train of commentary.
    Great, DADT is getting repealed. Ho hum, enough already.
    Do you REALLY think that wasting our fucking money on pentagon staged fashion shows makes sense? Gads, man, right on the heels of this epic change in policy you are proposing policies that epitomize possible excuses for this being a BAD decision. What do you think a Pentagon sponsored fashion show would cost us, Steve? Have we ended the age of the ten thousand dollar male thong?
    I’m going to work. Maybe after I get home tonight, I’ll sign on and discover you’ve returned to your senses. One can only hope.


  14. JohnH says:

    Actually, a military fashion show would be entirely OK, more useful than, say, bombing wedding parties and funeral processions. Plus, it would give all the brass something to think about besides killing.


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