Russ Feingold STREAMING LIVE on National Security Intel Gap on Monday


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I’ll be moderating a session with Senator Russ Feingold on Monday, 12:15 pm – 1:45 pm EST on America’s “National Security Intelligence Deficit.”
You can watch live streaming of the event here at The Washington Note.
For more on the substance of the event, read Andrew Lebovich.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “Russ Feingold STREAMING LIVE on National Security Intel Gap on Monday

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    We’ve already lost major ground to China in central Africa, to the horn of that continent.
    We have done a favor for China re:Iran, making a lot of noise against the West having any approach there, to allow China better leverage in securing long term energy contracts there.
    Funny how Dubya picked the country that underwrites his billionaire tax cuts to continue its hedge on our currency.
    Oil pegged to the dollar, and China is buying the future market of both items?
    Guess those days Bush Sr. worked as an Amb. to China worked well, for someone.


  2. Paul Norheim says:

    “Has anyone shown us how we plan to pay for the coming
    campaigns of African interventions?”
    Mr. Murder, you really have a good point here. In ten to fifteen
    years`time, we may see the USA tempted to invade several of
    those oil rich countries in Africa. Since oil has corrupted most of
    the governments in these countries, there will probably be plenty
    of opportunities to democratize or rescue these countries from a
    humanitarian disaster.
    China may be much stronger, and thirsty, at that time too. So we
    may see a geopolitical fight for energy in those regions – and
    who knows: this may even provoke a direct confrontation
    between China and the USA?


  3. Steve Clemons says:

    Rich — I will post the video link here after the event is over.
    Best, steve


  4. rich says:

    What are the chances of posting video of Feingold’s session here at the Note?
    Gotta work during the live stream —and Feingold’s voice on intel and FISA definitely needs to be widely distributed.
    Ran into Russ at a coffeeshop way back, a few weeks after his first run for Senate. Personable as he is formidable.
    Feingold strikes a balance between security, liberty, and the law that I just don’t see anyone else trying to achieve. —Thx


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Fine then, link us up….


  6. citizen says:

    wrong again…neither were millionaires b4 their divorce….


  7. Mr.Murder says:

    Perhaps not, due to alimony….


  8. citizen says:

    Russ is not a millionaire….


  9. Mr.Murder says:

    Has anyone shown us how we plan to pay for the coming campaigns of African interventions?
    You realize if we get the Saud interests who fund certain elements in the Sudan, etc. get mad that it can reflect in our paying four dollar plus gas?
    What about the AIPAC convention, where we stood before a wall with a video screen and everyone swore fealty to Israel? You see how much gas went up that week? Can’t you guys take a hint? Oh, that’s right, millionaires don’t worry about gas prices, right Senator?
    Where’s the bravery to tell people to “tear down this wall” at AIPAC?
    Albright’s on board, we’re ramping up the coming intervention spree for future prospective oil producer states in Africa. We’ll call it humanitarian.
    I know, we can give tax breaks to oil companies who want us to be there, and claim they’re helping the humanitarian cause, as they buy up greater swaths of corporate farms on the subsidy scale economy for channeling back the aid.
    Maybe they’ll make enough to buy another NFL team, like Enron’s co-conspirators did.
    Maybe we can discuss the manpower limits of the current model, and simply agree to move troops from the Mid East to Africa on a lack of transparency, emotional whim, all under the guise of change. We changed how we did the INTEL after 9-11 and look what it got us.
    If you had the balls to hold GWB accountable for ignoring the Aug. 6th memo we wouldn’t be where we were before Iraq, talking about change in the IC and how that can ‘help’ us or some of our interests.
    Keep your “change.” Nobody’s expecting you to break the bank on our behalf, we’re not Countrywide.
    In the meantime, let’s do less than is required for becoming renewable. Fifteen billion a year for ten year’s is a sneeze. That’s Obama’s grand vision! That isn’t what we need to spending for three months, let alone a fiscal year, for the next ten years. Some countries in Europe were going 20% renewable after the century’s turn, but let’s copy GWB policy and do almost nothing in the making energy affordable, clean and cheap.
    You put on a good show otherwise. Look forward to the creative ways of stating adherence to what the big money wants. Someone has to placate the masses. Let them eat utility rates.


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