Republicans Have Abandoned Hamilton and Lincoln: Hillary Clinton Has Found Them


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This piece by David Brooks today, “The Hamiltonian Ground,” should be essential reading for all the campaigns.
Brooks has hit on why the Republican Party doesn’t seem too Republican anymore — but it also credits Hillary Clinton from already stealing the middle away from just about all of the contenders. And that means she is doing things that respond to Middle Class concerns.
I think Edwards and Obama have both been doing more than Brooks give them credit for — which speaks to what looks like a systemic repositioning of the Democratic Party (on domestic matters). But I think he reads the problems on the Republican side perfectly.

— Steve Clemons

Ed Note: Thanks to RET for highlighting this for me and sending.


One comment on “Republicans Have Abandoned Hamilton and Lincoln: Hillary Clinton Has Found Them

  1. sahmadi says:

    Mr Clemons,
    I am again disappointed with you. Have you not thought critically at what is behind these glowing articles about Hillary Clinton. She is a media creation.
    Tell me where she stands on the issues. She was for the Iraq war and then she was against it. She was for stay the course and now she is against it. She was for withdrawing the troops and now she can’t isn’t sure. She is against privatizing Social Security and now she is offering it.(The general populace knows nothing of this plan.) She is fighting special interests and yet ranks in the money. She believes in talking to enemies, but only if the enemies agree to our conditions.(Too hilarious!) She believes in the possibility of using nuclear weapons on terrorists. (Absurd don’t you think) She voted yea on the Kyl-Leiberman amendment that basically authorized the President to expand the war…then a couple of days later she piggybacked on a bill sponsored by Webb that required the President to seek Congressional approval for any future Iran adventure.
    And for you claim that she has found Lincoln or Hamilton…what an insult to Lincoln and Hamilton!


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