Remembering Bad Memories


In 1988, voter turnout in the primary season hit a then-record of 35 million — 23 million of these were Democratic and 12 million Republican.
And we’re not saying “President Dukakis”.
— Steve Clemons
Thanks to RT for sending in this blip — which may in some convoluted way have actually come from National Review but can’t find the source.


7 comments on “Remembering Bad Memories

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    They put a Ford pickup in the background as a prop to ruin the photo op.
    Never mind that Dukakis served in the Army.
    Chris Matthews wasn’t around then to admire this like he did the ‘Mission Accomplished’ stunt.
    Ironically, he went to teach in Hawaii in later years, and help them with a policy of universal health care, the first state to do so.


  2. MJM says:

    We only got candidate Dukakis because of Gary Hart’s spectacular self-immolation and the confusion of his on-again off-again campaign that followed.
    If Clinton and Obama were photographed in a seedy hotel room having sex with each other and Gravel wound up as the de-facto nominee, you’d have an apt analogy.


  3. Rudy Giuliani says:

    Any bets on when Steve stops shilling for Hillary?
    I’m honored that she’s now following my strategy of waiting for the big states.


  4. More Axe says:

    1988 was not very competitive for the Republicans. Bush I wrapped that up pretty early.
    Very deceptive analogy.


  5. tomj says:

    Hopefully the Republicans will keep repeating this to themselves. Dukakis? Really?


  6. Chesire11 says:

    In Fairness, Bush the Elder was an obvious front-runner from the outset and clinched the nomination early in the contest. With the outcome settled so early, Republicans in the later primaries had no particular reason to come out to vote.
    Dukakis did not clinch the Democratic nod until much later in the process, so there was more reason for Dems to go to the polls.
    Twenty years later, there was no prohibitive front runner in the Republican field until recently and even now, many members of the Republican base are coming out to cast protest votes against him and still their turnout lags far behind the Dems. Totally different situations.
    Oh and thatnks for resurrecting the “Dukakis in a tank” picture. Maybe you could find a screen capture from the “Willie Horton” ad to add a little more salt to the wound.


  7. Linda says:

    Well, it wasn’t from a Democratic source. It’s not 1988. Republicans need to look back: Democrats are looking forward. McCain is no Ronald Reagan, and Obama is no Dukakis.


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